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August 2013
A.C. Entertainment Technologies Co-Founder
David Leggett Holds a Celebration Party
David Leggett (second left) with an AC-ET team of Peter Butler, Mark Tonks, Phill Capstick
and Peter Searles.
A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-
ET) Ltd’s co-founder director, David
Leggett celebrated his 60th birthday in
style at his home high up in the Chiltern
Hills on a cool and windy Saturday in
June and etnow’s John Offord was there
to enjoy the occasion and capture some
AC-ET’s Peter Butler took the dramatic
projection shots of the effects played on
the windmill, which sits within the grounds
and is famous for its role in the film
Chitty Bang Bang.
Forty-four years ago, at the age of just
16, David and his school friend – the
late Richard Floyd – co-founded the
A.C. business. Then known as the Alpha
Centauri Light Show, working in clubs
and discos before progressing to stage
lighting and touring with such famous
bands as Status Quo, AC/DC, The
Damned, Depeche Mode, The Tourists
and many more.
With A.C.’s position today as one of the
industry’s leading one-stop entertainment
technology suppliers, it was only fitting that
its own staff should put on the technically
impressive 60th party production. This
included the lighting setup, design and
programming, the sound system and the
video setup.
Lighting equipment for the grounds
included a Jands Vista lighting control
console, Chroma-Q Color Force Compact
RGBA LED fixtures, Chroma-Q Studio
Force D Compact (daylight white) and
Studio Force V Compact (variable white)
LED fixtures, SGM Six-Pack RGBA LED
blinders and Chroma-Q DMX buffers.
Sound equipment involved Traction
Sound speakers, K-array speakers, a
Sennheiser radio link and Soundcraft
and Yamaha mixers. The main stage
had a live band plus music playback via
Sonos (streaming) and CD Player. This
was transferred via a wireless link using
a Sennheiser IEM transmitter and radio
mic receiver so as to avoid laying cables.
Video equipment included a Christie video
projector. A Green Hippo GrassHopper