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Issue: 246
“Andy was a very quiet and self-
effacing man who I suspect never
really accepted the huge amount of
respect he had accumulated within
the theatre industry.
Never a man to appear in the limelight
himself, he was none the less involved
in a myriad of projects which never
showed his name. Andy had a lifelong
passion for lighting and knew good
lighting when he saw it.
Andy was a truly gentle man and
a good listener. This made him
universally popular amongst women
who had dealings with him as he
always listened and gave gentle
For the ABTT, he had taken over
the marketing of the Theatre Show,
constructed the ABTT Theatre Show
website, introduced us (reluctantly
but effectively) to Twitter and RSS
feeds, set up the Facebook account
and produced the monthly electronic
newsletters. Andy had also served as
a Trustee-Director of the Association
of British Theatre Technicians.
A consummate wordsmith and
marketeer, Andy was the quiet
moving force behind the International
Conferences of 2002, 2006, 2010
and we had hoped, behind the 2014
version currently being organised.
Vale a true and sadly missed friend of
the ABTT.”
Mark White, chairman ABTT
“Andy has been such a guide and
enthusiast for the ALD and has
committed his considerable skills, taste
and knowledge to both the production
of Focus and to all aspects of the
association. In the relatively short time
that I have been Chairman his support
has been fantastic. A lovely man and a
great ally – I can barely conceive the
Peter Mumford
ALD Chairman
“Andy's unique personality and quite
exceptionally wide-ranging experience
made him an indispensable figure in
our world. He was always the most
positive, most giving, and one of the
most dedicated men I've ever met. He
will be deeply missed personally and
Richard Pilbrow
ALD President
in implementing the plan. Not only did
this new role draw on all of Andy's past
experience that had brough him to this
point, but caused him to develop new skills
in the emerging worl of Internet marketing
which then was just beginning to take
off. Andy was an early advocate of the
Macintosh OS, a journey begun at Teatro
in developing new techniques to produce
catalogues in a whole raft of different
languages. On his move back to Strand
he persuaded the management, despite a
ban by the Rank Organisation, to invest
in Macs and continued to develop the
technical marketing tools that later also
played a key role in the operation of TML.
TML was not only a marketing support
company but - thanks to Andy - also an
agent and positive advocate of a new
silent dimming technology. Fourteen
years later the company is well known
in the industry and Andy was managing
a portfolio of businesses. Recently Andy
has been responsible for the marketing
of the ABTT Theatre Show, successfully
helping to establish it in its new venue
alongside the implementation of a largely
internet based publicity programme. Andy
provided other services to the ABTT
including the e-mailing of the monthly
members' newsletters.
Andy's sudden death has come as a shock
to all who knew him. The ABTT expresses
its condolences to his wife Margaret and
son Benjamin.
This appreciation is based on a profile of
Andy Collier published by Entertainment
Technology Press in 2000
“He was our biggest champion in all
things and people who created lighting,
I will miss him very much. If we weren't
talking about lights we were chatting
about classic cars, our joint passion.”
Johanna Town
ALD Professional Members’ Rep
with Brian Legge at the ABTT Christmas
party 2009.
with the late David Taylor of Arup at ABTT
with Alan Russell of Theatre Projects
Consultants at ITEAC 2010.
with theatre consultant Anne Minors at the
ABTT Christmas party, 2006.
with long-standing friend from Italy, Lisa
Papi of LDR, at PLASA 2012.
with business partner David Brooks at the
ABTT Christmas party 2002.