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August 2013
“Andy worked tirelessly for the ALD
and his knowledge and understanding
of so many issues enriched all of us
and the ALD along with his kindness,
warmth and generosity. He was a
theatre man through and through.
He loved going to the theatre and
was always so enthusiastic about
the creative work that we do. He had
a great sense of humour and wit not
dis-similar to the finest and dryest
champagne. He was the dearest, most
reliable friend and colleague you could
ever want to have.”
Mark Jonathan
ALD Vice Chair
with Ivano Burato, another friend from Italy
of Evolight at PLASA 2009.
with Rob Barnard of the National Theatre,
and Bruce Emeny at the ABTT Christmas
party 2010.
with Tuulikki and Ken Sewell and Pio
Nahum of Clay Paky at Francis Reid’s 80th
Birthday party in 2012.
with Jerry Godden at Richard Pilbrow’s 70th
Birthday Party in 2003.
with Hermann Sorger of Lighting Innovation
and Rainer Weggen of Selecon at Showlight
with Alan Luxford and Francis Reid at ABTT
with Ed Pagett of Panavision and Aubs
Tredget of LSC Lighting Systems at
Showlight in Glasgow 2009.
with Bryan Raven at Richard Pilbrow’s 80th
birthday party at the Garrick Club in June
“Andy was a great friend and colleague.
He touched so many people, gave
so much to every part of the industry
and was the quintessential English
'Christian gentleman'. Only a few
weeks ago he said to me "…we don't
have long Clive…". I didn't realise that
his time with us would be cut so short.”
Clive Cartey
“Andy has been such a magnificent
positive force in the industry and for
the ALD.”
Rick Fisher
ALD Vice President
with his wife, Margaret and Alan Russell at
Richard Pilbrow’s 70th Birthday Party.
with Julian Chiverton of Doughty
Engineering at ABTT 2012.
“FOCUS—the best lighting design
magazine in the world—was only one
of Andy's many special achievements,
but an exceptional one.”
Richard Pilbrow
ALD President
with Jan de Jonge at PLASA 2003.