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The Technical Theatre Awards: Voting is Open
Voting for the Technical Theatre Awards 2013 opened on Wednesday June 12. The organisers
report that an astonishing amount of nominations were submitted by members of the industry,
with 36 talented theatre workers being shortlisted for the 12 ‘individual’ awards, some of which
have been working within their speciality for over twenty years and are already extremely well
established within the industry.
Alongside the awards dedicated to extraordinary individuals, four companies and three theatres
will go head to head for the two company-­based awards that are up for grabs: the Hire Company
of the Year Award, and the ‘Spotlight Accounting’ Receiving Venue of the Year Award. An
additional award is dedicated to the theatre that has demonstrated the most effective awareness
of venue sustainability and will be chosen and presented by leading industry specialists:
entertaining sustainability.
Voting is open to all members of the theatre industry and the Technical Theatre Awards are
promoting each and every one of the nominees on the TTA website, with information about the
achievements of the individuals, companies and theatres in question.
Voters can find out more about all of the nominees by checking out the ‘Nominees’ page on
the Technical Theatre Awards website. There has been and an amazing level of support for
nominees being given through Facebook and Twitter.
The Technical Theatre Awards are able to list PLASA as an official supporter, with the international
trade association enabling the awards to be presented at the 2013 PLASA show.
An enormous amount of this outstanding support has come from the sponsors of the awards
themselves. Some of the most renowned companies within the industry have been kind enough
to not only financially back the awards, but over invaluable support in terms of their promotion
and online advertisement of the TTAs.
The closing date for all voting is Monday September 30 – with the winners finally being announced
at PLASA, the Excel Centre, London, on Tuesday October 8, 2013.
The organisers report that they have already received an overwhelming 1,300 votes and with 12
weeks of voting still to go, the race to the finish line is by no means over!
Follow the latest award updates on twitter at @technicalawards or search “Technical Theatre
Awards” to find out more via Facebook.
First Night Riders 2013 Raises over £13,000 for
The Theatrical Guild
The First Night Riders 2013 are set to beat their previous annual fundraising targets as sponsors
continue to donate after the event has come to a close.
This year, 34 people were sponsored to take part in the ride with riders coming in from all over the
globe. Award winning film director Vadim Jean and director of The Theatres Trust Mhora Samuel
were accompanied by internationals such as Bill Sapsis of Sapsis Rigging (USA), Rob Hamilton
of DWD theatre design joined by Al Cushing, Dave Garson and Wes Jenkins (Canada) and Dick
and Marie Lindström of Anderson & Co (Sweden).
“We do the First Night Riders’ American equivalent event – The Long Reach Long Riders – every
year and are thrilled to be a part of the British one!” says Hamilton, principle consultant at DWD
theatre design. “FNR is in aid of a great charity, it’s got great people and great geography. If you
haven’t got all three, you can’t make it fly, and this event definitely has all three.”
The money raised will go directly to The Theatrical Guild providing aid to theatre industry staff for
a range of needs, including education or retraining, financial support and access to counselling.