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August 2013
Anton Woodward Awarded OBE
Congratulations to our author Anton
Woodward, director of AVW Controls,
who was awarded Officer of the Order
of the British Empire in the Queen’s
Birthday Honours list. Anton is an ABTT
Member and a Trustee-Director of the
Association. The award was for services
to Stage Automation and his book on the
subject is published by Entertainment
Technology Press (Stage Automation –
ISBN 9781904031567*).
Anton was born in Sussex in 1964. On
leaving school he joined the Royal Air Force and completed a three-
year avionics apprenticeship and then spent four years working with
the complex air-to-air missile control system on Phantom F4 fighter
aircraft. He left the RAF in 1988 and began his stage automation
career working on numerous stage productions and arts venue
He founded AVW Controls in 1996, and has worked on many
stage automation projects as well as developing the award winning
Impressario stage automation system. He lives in Suffolk with his
wife Sharon and their three children. He enjoys playing blues guitar.
He is currently at work preparing a new book
Electronics for Techies
also to be published by ETP and due in 2014.
*Stage Automation explains stage automation techniques used in
modern theatre to achieve some of the spectacular visual effects
seen in recent years. The book is targeted at automation operators,
production managers, theatre technicians, stage engineering
machinery manufacturers and theatre engineering students. Topics
are covered in sufficient detail to provide an insight into the thought
processes that the stage automation engineer has to consider when
designing a control system to control stage machinery in the modern
ETC Introduces New Desire Luminaire
ETC’s Selador Desire line of luminaires changed the way designers think of LED lighting. Unlike the digitised,
artificial look that LEDs were known for, Desire luminaires produce high quality, beautiful light that even the
most exacting designers can put front and centre in their designs. Desire fixtures have made their home in
indoor and outdoor applications for theatre, architecture, touring and broadcast. And now even more venues
can have superior lighting, with the introduction of the D22 luminaire, which packs the power of the Desire line
into a miniature footprint that fits any design and any budget.
Thanks to the début of the D22, the Desire family now includes three sizes of LED luminaires to cover every
lighting task: the ultra bright D60, the versatile D40 and the compact D22.
The 20cm, 3kg D22 brings efficient wash lighting to children’s theatres, museums, lobbies, retail outlets and
other installations where low profile fixtures are a must. It’s also the perfect detail light for any professional
venue. “The D22 might be small in size, but it’s big in functionality,” says ETC Fixtures Product Manager
Jim Uphoff. “It has the same quality colour mixing, smooth dimming, intuitive user interface and stand alone
operation that the Desire line is known for.”
The D22 features the colour rendering that only Selador luminaires can accomplish. The D22 Lustr+ array is
based on the x7 Color System, which uses up to seven different LED colours to generate fuller, more spectrally
balanced light. “The Lustr+ array is the most flexible in the Desire family,” says ETC entertainment market
manager Matt Armendariz-Kerr. “It can create a nearly unlimited range of colour, from adjustable whites and
subtle pastels, to vibrant, eye-catching colours. And the D22’s studio tungsten and studio daylight arrays craft
stunningly bright, colour spectrum specific white light that looks great on camera and in person.”
Later this year, ETC will add a fourth D22 array, Studio HD, which produces high-definition white light with
variable colour temperatures.
The Desire line offers solutions for temporary and permanent applications, and there are D22 versions for both.
The canopy mount and track mount D22 models are reliable and durable, providing spectacular light over time. “The Desire family’s easy setup makes
the portable D22 a smart choice for short term projects, for busy venues with constantly changing light plots, or for adding the last striking detail to
a lighting look,” explains Armendariz-Kerr.
Prolyte introduces a new corner
type: H30D-C039
The new H30D-C039 from Prolyte is a 3-way
corner where the downward leg is placed in a
central position. This means you can create goal
posts or square grids on legs with only one type of
corner. Forget about left and right positioned legs,
this corner will not only simplify assembly, it will
also optimise your truss inventory.
This new corner does not replace the H30D-C012 and C013 – they will
remain in manufacture.
The H30D-C039 is now available.
XL Video Optimises Organisation
in Germany
XL Video has streamlined and optimised its corporate structure in
Germany. Previously the enterprise was represented in Germany by
two separate companies: XL Video of Hamburg and XL Solutions of
Düsseldorf. It also had offices inMunich, Berlin and Nürtingen. On July 1,
XL Solutions and XL Video merged. The main office, with 25 employees,
is now on the Hamburg site, whilst Düsseldorf, with 18 employees, is
home to the branch office. Henceforth, Denis Papin, formerly managing
director (CEO) of XL Video of Hamburg, and Thorsten Lipp, who held
the equivalent post with XL Solutions, will share responsibility for the
merged company, which will trade under the name “XL Video”.
XL Video of Hamburg was founded in 1998 by René de Keyser and
Denis Papin, with the latter at that time assuming the role of managing
director. Under his leadership, XL Video grew to become a market
leader in the supply of large screen video equipment for shows, tours,
trade fairs and sporting events – serving such acts as Marius Müller-
Westernhagen, such sporting events as Formula One and DTM motor
racing, and the trade fair appearances inter alia of Mercedes-Benz.
Thorsten Lipp launched XL Solutions in 2004, initially focusing on
the planning and implementation of large screen video for corporate
events. Later, the portfolio was expanded to include project realization
and equipment rental. The company’s clients include Opel, Renault and