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Starlight: MA Lighting Network Controlled Lighting of Mercedes Benz Booth During the IAA

Starlight: MA Lighting Network Controlled Lighting of Mercedes Benz Booth During the IAA
Starlight: MA Lighting Network Controlled Lighting of Mercedes Benz Booth During the IAA

As the 62nd International Car Show (IAA) recently opened its doors in Frankfurt a nine-month preparation and a two month setup ended for the planners of the Daimler-Chrysler AG booth. The company furnished Frankfurt’s “Festhalle” (festival hall) with state-of-the-art LED technology as well as more than 500 moving lights and scores of Pars. 10,000m² and 68 cars were illuminated this way. Besides the Mercedes-Benz booth there were also the booths of Smart and Maybach located in the festival hall.

   For lighting control the planners of TLD Planungsgruppe GmbH relied on an MA Lighting system consisting of 5 x grandMA full-size, 3 x grandMA light, 7 x MA NSPs, 24 x MA 2Port Nodes as well as 11 x HP ProCurve Switch 2626. The installed fibre optic network had a length of 1.4 kilometres and connected seven equipment rooms. 35 DMX universes were used for the show. MA NSPs, located in one room, provided the necessary processing power and distributed their signal to the MA 2Port Nodes which were located throughout the festival hall. They provided DMX to control the entire lighting rig in real time. During the fair a fully automated show was run. Lighting, video/LEDs, sound and two turntables were synchronised via Timecode.

   The planners took a lot of steps to ensure maximum reliability. Amongst others a Spanning Tree Algorithm was used for the network. Furthermore the system structure was build up in a way that even the failure of multiple NSPs would not have affected the show. Also, the main console, controlled via Timecode and MIDI, was seamlessly backed up by another MA console. All these precautions were undertaken due to the fact that a failure would have caused every light in the booth to go out.

   During the setup it was possible to focus the cars and architecture and to view the lighting from every location in the hall, thanks to the connection of the consoles via the fibre optic network. Replacements weren’t necessary because the grandMAs were mobile, integrated into the system at the primary positions.

   For the fair 120 tons of equipment were installed into the hall roof. Amongst others there were Vari*Lites VL3500 spot, VL3000 spot, VL5 arc and VL5 tungsten as well as scores of ETC CE Source Four Par. Nearly 1,600 metres of truss and 6,000 metres of steel and aluminium pipes formed an extensive rig. The trusses served as suspension for a half transparent metal ceiling. All spots were symmetrically placed in openings in that ceiling and by this nearly invisible.

   An absolute eye-catcher was the so named ‘car-walk’, a 50 metres long and twelve-metre wide street which consisted of Barco Mistrips. At the front end it ran into an Elementlabs Stealth curtain which had a Hibino Cromatec HD LED-wall installed above. Furthermore there was a stage implemented into the booth design for the world premiere of the concept car F700 which was interactively presented by a moderator.

   TLD Planungsgruppe GmbH was responsible for the planning of the Mercedes-Benz and Maybach booth. Alexander Orkisch was project manager. Construction management light was by Sebastian Ströher and Christoph Rupieper. Claudia Furrer was responsible for the mounted and emergency lighting. As programmer and operator worked Dietmar Rauh and Lars Wulff. Richard Profe developed the concept and the lighting design. Udo Kraemer was technical manager. S+L Leonberg delivered the lighting equipment.

   The planning of the press show in the run-up of the fair was by RGB. Showtec delivered the lighting equipment for it. Klaus Bolte and Marcus Krömer worked as operator for this show. Trussco GmbH planned the Smart booth which Lightcompany realised. Construction management was by Tom Landrige, planning by Jörg Verbeck.

   Atelier Markgraph GmbH was responsible for communication and production.

   During the IAA many more national and international car manufacturers used an MA Lightings system for their booth.

11th October 2007

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