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Willie Williams Wins Creative Review Award Using Barco Creative LED Modules

Barco has congratulated show designer Willie Williams on being named “Best in Book” in this year’s Creative Review Annual. Williams was included in the annual for the design of the impressive stage set on the recent George Michael 25 Live Tour.

   Creative Review is the world’s leading monthly magazine for visual communication and the Creative Review Annual, published each May, is the definitive collection of the best work in graphic design, advertising from all over the world.

   The stage design of George Michael tour, centered around a dramatic “ski slope” LED video screen, which flows onto the stage and beyond via both concave and convex curves to create a stunning visual element, strong enough to be both stood and danced on. The screen measuring 9 metres wide by 25 metres wide incorporated 3000 of Barco's new MiSTRIP LED modules. The screen was a technical first, and was custom made for the concert.

   “It was a colossal undertaking,’” says Willie Williams. “I’d had this in mind for a long time and George seemed the prefect person for it…I’m always dealing with things that are only just possible – the technology and the show developed hand in hand.”

   The MiSTRIP is a linear LED screen element, essentially a “strip of pixels”, that can be combined in any shape and quantity to make up any size and form of LED screens. Despite its sleek appearance, the MiSTRIP is structurally very strong, which made it ideal for Willie Williams’ design for the George Michael tour. The modularity of the MiSTRIP system and special mechanics developed for the show allow the lower rear part of the screen to open up, an unexpected entrance for the artist onto the stage!

   Williams enlisted the help of producer Sam Pattinson of onedotzero, who worked with directors Luke Halls and Damian Hale to create the films for the tour.

23rd May 2007

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