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MC2 Audio Live in Norway

Jerry Lee Lewis's Spring tour of northern Europe and Scandinavia took in two venues in Norway, including the 3,000 capacity Kongeparken Amfi in Ålgård, a small town located south of Stavanger on Norway's west coast.

   The sound system supplied by PA Produksjoner brought together the Soundprojects LINEX, SP18 subs and SPA-15 diamond loudspeakers with power provided by MC2 Audio E45 and E25 amplifiers and processing by XTA. Jan Olav Sandsmark, CEO of PA Produksjoner said: "We chose this set up for the Kongeparken Amfi because we needed to use a system that would cover the theater´s 3000 seats. The Soundprojects LINEX comes with XTAs with presets for different setups and MC2 Audio's E45 and E25 fit the the system well. We used the E45 on sub and bass and the E25 on mid and high. The combination of MC2 with the LINEX and XTA is perfect and the engineers commented that the Linex powered by MC2 sounded better than Linex with competitive amps."

   As well as heading up the company, Jan Olav regularly takes on the role of engineer and for the Jerry Lee Lewis gig he teamed up with Yamaha engineer Eirik Vatne, who mixed the Logic Systems LM20 monitors driven by MC2 Audio E4-75 amps, while Jan Olav covered front of house with the Innovason SY40.

   May saw Deep Purple come to the town of Sandnes on Norway's south western coast for the Classic Rock Festival. This outdoor event in front of an audience of 8,000 required a different approach and a larger sound system. "Our aim for this concert was to meet Deep Purple´s demands in sound quallity and output, comments Sandsmark. "Having had such a good experience with the Linex/MC2 system and enthusiastic comments on the sound we had achieved for Jerry Lee Lewis, the natural choice was MC2 amps driving the Soundprojects speakers for this festival also. The festival went very well and the organisers told us that this was the best sounding system that had ever been used at the festival, in fact they had received many phone calls commenting on the nice sound. Another act appearing at the festival was Rick Wakeman and his engineer, Ian Barfoot, told me he was very impressed with the system and hoped he would have a chance to use it sometime with a full orcestra."

   For Deep Purple, MC2's E45 and E25 amplifiers powered an expanded Soundprojects LINEX system with the addition of SP2-10 subs as well as the SP18 and SPA-15 diamonds, while both the front of house and monitor mixes were by Midas H-3000 and XL3.

   PA Produksjoner, with headquarters in Stavanger and Bergen, supplies technical solutions encompassing sound and lighting through staging to special effects and even pyrotechnics for concerts, tours, shows, events and conferences. Jan Olav Sandsmark states simply: "Our philosophy is to be a resourceful, versatile and skilled subcontractor and project partner and our goal is to establish lasting cooperative relationships with our customers in which we contribute to the development and realization of our customers' visions."

2nd August 2007

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