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Philips Entertainment Lighting Helps Thriving Cornwall Theatre Go Green

Philips Entertainment Lighting Helps Thriving Cornwall Theatre Go Green

Cornwall’s largest professional theatre, Hall for Cornwall, has dramatically improved its energy efficiency following an investment in the brand new Philips Selecon range of SPX luminaires.

The Truro venue welcomes more than 180,000 theatre goers per year and is the first arts organisation in the UK to complete a year of carbon emissions cuts, as part of its commitment to the 10:10 climate campaign.

The venue says that it has reduced electricity consumption in the auditorium by as much as 60 per cent since it replaced its Cantata profile units with the Philips Selecon SPX range of luminaires.

The move came after the venue hosted a fixture ‘shoot out’ in September last year where the Philips Selecon SPX range was pitted against a number of competitor brands, including the ETC Source Four.

“The decision was unanimous,” says Simon Crick, Hall for Cornwall's head of operations. “The efficiency and brightness of the SPX was so much better than we had anticipated. The fixture delivers excellent, crisp light output – we found them brighter and more comfortable to focus than the other brands. They are also lightweight and thankfully rarely get too hot to handle.”

Crick and his team purchased the SPX lamps just a few months ago yet already the reduction in energy costs is apparent.

“Like many organisations we are looking at every area of our work to try and reduce our energy costs,” continues Crick. “The SPX has enabled us to reduce our energy costs, cut our carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time improve the service that we provide to visiting companies - everyone’s a winner!”

With the news that Philips is allocating €2 billion for investments in green innovation by 2015 – and the announcement that its cumulative green investments amounted to €1 billion last year – ‘eco-friendly’ is definitely a major part of the Philips vision.

This is reflected in the fact that the Philips Selecon SPX lamps deliver up to 63% more light for energy used (significantly more than current industry benchmarks) with up to 27% more efficiency (compared to the nearest competitor).

Hall for Cornwall’s installation of Philips Selecon SPX  luminaires will make a considerable contribution to the year on year reduction in overall electricity consumption so far demonstrated by the venue over the past 5+ years.

“Our audiences will be able to enjoy performances with improved lighting and there will be better facilities for artists,” says Julien Boast, director at Hall for Cornwall. “The theatre is a very public space and our continual drive to improve financial viability and lower our carbon footprint helps secure the facility for the whole community.”

The transfer to Philips Entertainment lighting is part of Hall for Cornwall’s ambitions to become a greener theatre. Since 2005, the venue has reduced its overall energy consumption by 22 per cent.

16th May 2011

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