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ELP Supply ARRI L7 Fixtures to The One Show

ELP Supply ARRI L7 Fixtures to The One Show
ELP Supply ARRI L7 Fixtures to The One Show

As part of on-going expansion in LED equipment and systems at ELP, the company are now supplying the latest ARRI L7c Fresnels.

If reports are to be believed, the arrival of the latest Arri L-series heralds a new era of high performance, energy-efficient studio and location lighting. ELP have bought into that vision in a big way by becoming one of the first lighting hire suppliers in the UK to offer this new fixture to LDs.

No sooner had the first batch of units arrived, LDs Dave Evans and Stuart Gain nabbed them for The One Show – the BBC’s flagship studio based, live magazine programme.

"Producers here at The One Show are very environmentally aware, they’re continually looking to do things more efficiently," explains lighting director Stuart Gain. "We’ve always had an LED based set using ELPs wide range of Pixel Pars, Chromafloods and Chroma Battens to decorate the studio. So we were pretty ‘green’ before. Now we’ve decided to swap out all our 250 MSR Fresnels for ELPs latest ARRI L7-C fixtures, we must be one of the most environmentally friendly mid-sized studios. Other than some news room studios, I can’t think of any that would pull less power."

The ELP lighting team on The One Show, headed up by Chris Rand, and including electricians Andy Stacey and Saul Harris made the studio upgrade for the Show’s return to screens in January 2013.

He continues: "The new LED Fresnels are so close to its conventional equivalent in function and performance that it creates a perfect opportunity for a like-for-like replacement. I predict that many other productions will follow suit during the next year or so. And ELP will be there to supply and help them with this easy transition."

ELP supplied The One Show with the top of the range ‘colour tuneable’ L7-C model. This allows precise manipulation of intensity, colour temperature, green-magenta point, hue and saturation.

The units were praised by LD Stuart Gain: "For a topical magazine programme like The One Show where you never know what’s coming next, it gives us the flexibility and versatility to light any situation. Also going out daily in this large-windowed studio throughout the year means that we are at the mercy of seasonal weather changes and outdoor lighting conditions. The L7s mean that we can cope with it all quite easily."

Stuart concludes by saying: "I think this new fixture will be a game changer for anyone working in the broadcast industry looking to seamlessly integrate LED technology into established working practices. And it’s great that both The One Show and ELP are front runners in these developments.

In picture: The One Show set and Chris Rand and Stuart Gain with an L7-C fixture.

1st February 2013

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