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Kutless on stage with SGM: No cutbacks in brightness

Kutless on stage with SGM: No cutbacks in brightness
Kutless on stage with SGM: No cutbacks in brightness

When the American Christian rock band Kutless from Portland, Oregon, visited Odessa in Ukraine on May 23rd, more than 3,500 people showed up to enjoy a high-energy rock show. The concert took place in Molodaya Gvardiya amphitheater, where the modern worship band performed songs from their latest 2014 album “Glory”.

Odessa based rental company, Grand Master, was brought in as technical partner of this event, providing stage, light, sound and special effects as well as control of light and sound. Previously acquired rental stock from SGM’s distributor ART-R was put to use, when implementing no less than 20 SixPack blinders, six X-5 LED strobes and 16 Idea Moving LED 300 to ensure an amazing and unique atmosphere to accompany the band’s performance. The result was a bright and powerful lighting show impressing the audience.

General director and owner of ART-R, Sergey Rusnak, informs: “I would like to emphasise that this dynamic lighting show added a special brightness to the Kutless concert, in which the leading role was played by SGM’s professional lighting equipment. A strong contrast was created by the SixPack blinders with their unique effects supplementing the lighting show with a special flavour.”

With a history in the industry of professional show business since 1992, ART-R has great experience interacting with the rental companies. Sergey Rusnak feels confident in the SGM brand as he explains why the LED products are so well-received by his clients.

“Among other great features of the SixPack, rental companies first of all highly appreciate the one-of-a-kind technology of emulating the performance of the old halogen lamp, at the same time providing high brightness effects with lower power consumption and longer lifetime of the light source. Secondly, the fixture has the possibility of RGBA colour mixing and individual DMX control over each LED, which enable the lighting designer to turn his bright ideas into reality. Thirdly, SixPacks are notable for their flexibility in creating from simple to complex colour matrices, which cannot but please a rental company. Fourthly, a unique feature of the product is its high protection through its IP65 rating, which is a very important factor for a rental company, often working outdoors. Finally, our clients from the rental industry enjoy the very convenient mounting system of the SixPack, as it can be mounted quickly and easily with a minimum use of wiring.”

The X-5 has also become a standard luminaire in ART-R’s equipment, and the use of its LED strobe effect provided a certain energy for the event. “Rental companies admit that it is in fact impossible to see the difference between the effects of LED strobe and common old XOP 1500W lamp, whereas SGM fixtures consume four times less energy and has a longer lifespan. What makes rental companies especially happy about the X-5 is the speed of its performance combined with incredible brightness and the capability to control the three separate segments individually. With all these great tools in hand, it is very easy to bring the most creative and different lighting shows to life,” Sergey Rusnak states.

In addition to the SixPacks and X-5s, vibrant colours of the compact Idea Moving LED 300s covered the stage of the amphitheater.

Sergey Rusnak concludes: “On the whole, both the band and the audience enjoyed this high-energy rock show, which was glammed up with the bright lighting show of SGM fixtures.”

10th June 2015

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