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Artistic Licence at LuxLive 2016

Artistic Licence at LuxLive 2016
Artistic Licence at LuxLive 2016

UK - Artistic Licence, is preparing to showcase some new products at this year's Lux Live event. The show, which runs for two days, is Europe's biggest annual lighting event, taking place on 23rd and 24th November at the ExCeL centre, London.

The emphasis this year is on lighting controllers and DALI products, including the first outing for daliGate quad – an exciting new product that converts Ethernet to four circuits of DALI.

To see some of the products in action, visit the Artistic Licence stand (P30) for a demonstration of lighting effects control.

The matisse range includes a number of panel mount lighting controllers with button or slider controls.

matisse dmxLs512 is a DMX lighting controller with illuminated buttons, programmable via a laptop. Control 512 channels, create scenes or sequences, features a handy lamp library.

matisse dmxDs512 is similar to dmxLs512, but featuring illuminated sliders. Optional grand master control, scene/sequence playback, LTP for colour control.

matisse daliGroup6 is a DALI lighting controller with illuminated sliders; no external programming. Control six DALI groups; features grand master control and group offset switch.

The moody lighting controllers look rather like a conventional dimmer switch, with a simple rotary dial illuminated by a colour LED at the centre. However, the simplicity of the interface belies the power of the product, which is programmable via a sequence of simple click and rotate operations.

Available with DMX or DALI outputs, or a built-in CV dimmer for standalone operation, the moody range has a solution for any lighting scenario.

The most multi-functional model, moody f10, will be showing off its ability to control colour fades in multiple zones of light on the Artistic Licence stand.

Like it or loathe it, DALI is always in demand! Artistic Licence has an impressive range of DALI based products for a variety of applications. This new technology includes daliCV6, a constant voltage dimmer for LED strip compatible with high-definition TV and daliSwitch, an innovative product that enables DALI control over six mains relays.

For many installations, exclusive use of either DMX or DALI lighting control is not possible as each protocol has its own benefits, and there are instances where they need to be used in parallel. Artistic Licence offers the ultimate get-out-of-jail products for these tricky scenarios:

Rail-DALI-DMX converts DALI to DMX, enabling a DALI controller to work with DMX fixtures. It does this by emulating up to 64 DALI ballasts, with dimmer curve translation.

Rail-DMX-DALI converts DMX to DALI, enabling a DMX controller to work with DALI ballasts. It does this by emulating 256 DMX channels, equivalent to four DALI circuits. Supports common DALI addressing modes of channel, group, scene and broadcast.

The Artistic Licence range of DALI products also includes Dali-Scope, a commissioning and test device, and Rail-PSU-D4, a DALI bus power supply.

As the inventor of the Art-Net Ethernet lighting protocol (the recent recipient of a PLASA Award for Innovation), Artistic Licence is well known for its expertise in network technology. Visitors to LuxLive will have the opportunity to see two exciting new gateway products:

daliGate quad is a ground-breaking product that converts Ethernet to DALI. Unlike anything currently on the market, daliGate quad supports Art-Osc – the open protocol developed by Artistic Licence for transporting DALI over Ethernet (analogous to the use of Art-Net to transport DMX over Ethernet). The product features four outputs, web browser configuration, automated commissioning and can be powered by DC or PoE.

artLynx quad converts Art-Net or sACN to four DMX outputs. Powerful web browser configuration, with options for LTP or HTP merge and variable output timing. Supports the latest Art-Net 4 release, and can be powered by DC or PoE.

The show line-up would be incomplete without a mention of Artistic Licence's best-selling DMX opto-splitters. The DIN rail range includes Rail-Split DMX (which does not support RDM) and two RDM-enabled models: Rail-Split RDM II and Rail-Split extreme.

The company has found that customers like to have the choice as some applications do not require the bidirectional functionality of RDM. All products feature six outputs with short-circuit protection and optically isolated inputs. The RDM enabled models additionally feature Artistic's unique ‘data fix' mode and enhanced output protection.

In other DMX product news, the DMX-Buffer range has been expanded to include two new products: DMX-Clarify and DMX-Protect.

DMX-Buffer is an economical alternative to an opto-splitter when there is a need to run DMX over distances greater than the standard limit of 300m. It rebuffers the DMX signal and offers full support for RDM.

DMX-Clarify is the new sister product. It offers similar functionality to DMX-Buffer, but operates permanently in 'data fix' mode to solve product compatibility problems. This means that it will not transmit RDM.

DMX-Protect is a passive in-line protector designed to protect a DMX line from damage due to electrocution. It has two levels of protection. The first is a self-healing circuit that protects against accidental connection to mains and will recover when the fault is removed. The second is a 'protection of last resort' that will sacrifice the product in order to protect against high energy faults such as lightning strikes.

Artistic Licence at LuxLive 2016Artistic Licence at LuxLive 2016

17th November 2016

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