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ETCP Congratulates Inaugural Class of Portable Power Distribution Technicians

USA – This year, ETCP launched the new Portable Power Distribution Technician (PPDT) examination. Having received the examinees’ results, we are proud to announce that 37 individuals passed and are the first to gain PPDT Certification.

ETCP would like to congratulate the following technicians on their accomplishment: Chad Ainsworth, Luis Alvarado, Christian Barzaga, Rob Baxter, Sam Begich, Joel Berwick, Shari Bethel, Edd Boyd, Justin Canada, Derek Coleman, Gary Emmert, Pat Enos, Kevin Felton, Mark Gascoine, Mark Hogan, Lance Hughston Sr., Lance Hughston Jr., Brady Jarvis, Brian Kavanagh, Jake Kerswell, John Lacy, Gregg Lirosi, Thomas Nizinski, Billy Peacock, Terrence Pogge, David Porter, Phil Reilly, Alan Rowe, Patrick Ryan, Katie Ryan, Vivian Slodki, Lee Terry, Steve Terry, Jennifer Veldhuizen, Tom West and Chris Wren.

ETCP also extends special congratulations to IATSE Local 2’s Brady Jarvis, the first person to become certified in all four areas: Rigger – Arena, Rigger – Theatre, Entertainment Electrician and Portable Power Distribution Technician.

ETCP would like to thank the PPDT Subject Matter Experts for their continued dedication to the new programme. In addition to the initial questions for the test forms, they are currently working on a 50 question practice examination that will be launched in April of 2017.

The PPDT Examination is available at over 190 computer-based testing centers in North America. Interested candidates can find the application at

18th November 2016

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