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Hawthorn on Hand for Head-turning Production of The Exorcist

Hawthorn on Hand for Head-turning Production of The Exorcist

UK – Unleashed for the very first time in a uniquely theatrical experience, the UK stage premiere of The Exorcist left audiences terrified at Birmingham Repertory Theatre earlier this month. Hawthorn was on hand to supply lighting equipment for the petrifying production which brought the chilling tale of 12-year old Regan McNeil to life.

Hawthorn worked with the show’s lighting designer Tim Mitchell to provide lighting equipment to supplement The Rep’s in-house rig. This included Hawthorn’s new-to-stock Vari*lite VL1100TSDs, alongside Martin Mac Viper Performance and Viper Wash DX fixtures.

“There were several challenges on The Exorcist, including maintaining the sleight of hand. There were many illusions in the show and the lighting had to distract the audience and conceal the effects,” said lighting designer Tim Mitchell. “Control of the light was very important. We had to consider the light and dark areas of the stage, where the actors, set and props could emerge from, whilst another scene was taking place just a few metres away.

“The team at Hawthorn were friendly and on it from the get go. The kit was well prepared and worked first time. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Among the rig were also two SolaSpot Frame 2000 (High CRI) fixtures, provided by AED Distribution, distributors of High End Systems.

Talking about the SolaSpots, Tim said: “I was shocked by the SolaSpots. They are bright, have a flat field and offer great colour mixing/shuttering. Most importantly they were very quiet! I couldn’t fault them as a unit and I really hope I can get them on my next production.”

Directed by Sean Mathias, the production tells the story of a young girl who suddenly becomes prone to fits and bizarre behaviour. When the medical profession fails to provide answers to young Regan's strange symptoms, her desperate mother Chris turns to a local priest for help. But before Father Damian can tackle what's before him, he must overcome his own shaken beliefs, as this fight is for more than just one girl's soul.

Mark Burnett, business development manager at Hawthorn, said: “We were thrilled work to with Tim Mitchell for Birmingham Rep’s production of The Exorcist. It’s the first time the story has been brought to stage in the UK and as one of the most iconic horror films of our time, there was a real buzz around the production.

“Tim’s lighting design was key to achieving the ominous on-stage atmosphere, throwing the audience right into the horror and it was brilliant that our kit could be part of it.”

photos: Robert Day


Hawthorn on Hand for Head-turning Production of The ExorcistHawthorn on Hand for Head-turning Production of The Exorcist

10th November 2016

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