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Illuminating Unspun with Matt Forde

Illuminating Unspun with Matt Forde

UK – Adding a little neon radiance to edge the politically charged wit of comedian Matt Forde, illumination specialists, LED Creative have been working with scenic designer James Dillon to help create the look for Unspun.

Filmed in front of a live audience at Elstree Studios with lighting director Martin Kempton, Unspun sees host Matt Forde delivering a unique, contemporary, comedic view of the weeks political activity, expertly dismantling the week in Westminster. The set design has the presenter at its centre, flanked on all sides with a variety of set pieces and light boxes created using the LED Creative Alpha 60 RGB System.

The Alpha 60 and bespoke driver units have also been cleverly built directly into both the presenter’s desk and around the perimeter of the large video screen to the rear of the set. Flexible and precise the highly controllable capabilities of the system allows illumination levels to be tightly managed throughout the show as needed, delivering subtle colour changes and seamlessly switching between ambient moods.

LED Creative also supplied their Alpha 60 Cool White to the show, the ultra white LEDs being used in the construction of decorative, light boxes that add an extra dimensional element to the clean, uncluttered look of Unspun.

Commenting on the show, LED Creative’s Ges Smith says: “We’re delighted to see our Alpha system being used to such great effect throughout the set for Unspun. Scenic designer James Dillon has made fantastic use of both our RGB and Cool White LED within his design to add some great looking features across the installation.”

29th November 2016

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