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Movecat Wireless Remote Control

Movecat Wireless Remote Control

In its R-series motion remote controllers, Movecat is offering wireless remote controls employing the 2.4 GHz band to complement the MPC series for the control of 4, 8, 12, 24 or 32 Movecat D8/D8 Plus chain hoists.

The MRC 4/8/12RD8-T mobile stations come in a sturdy plastic housing with three-level run-direction selector switches directly accessible on the front panel, a GO button to trigger the kinetic run activities directly, an EMERGENCY STOP button and a channel selector button.

The GO, EMERGENCY STOP and channel selector buttons are equipped with status LEDs. The Ready indicator in the GO button displays the status of the radio system and determines also the bi-directional transceiver configuration of the connected MPC controllers (status of the active safety- and read-back chain of the M-Link system). The integrated LED display on the EMERGENCY STOP button conveys additional error messages and shows the battery charge level.

For particularly efficient operation in the widest range of production environments and situations, attaching the mobile stations to the belly strap provided allows users extreme mobility. The Motion Remote Controller draws its power from a 7.2 V/500mAh exchangeable storage battery with an extended temperature range.

For maximum convenience, the R-series motion remote controllers can be employed in all countries within the European Community as well as Switzerland without any obligation to register or pay any fees. For clarification of the situation regarding trouble-free radio operation in other non EC countries, Movecat should be consulted. The devices comply with current radio and safety guidelines and are suitable for use with lifting equipment.

The equipment is suitable for use throughout the world. 

Movecat Wireless Remote ControlMovecat Wireless Remote Control

9th November 2016

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