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Outline Names Vincent "Vinnie" Perreux Worldwide Technical Support and Application Engineer

Outline Names Vincent \

Outline s.r.l., European manufacturer of premier professional loudspeaker systems, has announced the new position of Worldwide Technical Support, Application Engineer and GTO Network Manager, to be held by Vincent "Vinnie" Perreux.

Starting his professional career in the centre of France as theatre sound technician, Vinnie, eventually jumped on a plane to embark on almost 20 years of worldwide touring for majors P.A. companies, supporting them around the globe with various duties, from P.A. manager to FoH babysitter and crew chief.

In the last three years, he has collaborated with a worldwide corporate group as trainer, training trainers, field support and application engineer.

Outline’s board of directors decided to invest on this new position to enable audio pros worldwide to count on the support and advice of a person with in-depth hands-on experience in the multi-faceted world of sound reinforcement – somebody who speaks their language.

Vincent has an enviable track record, having worked in many roles with some of the world’s top touring companies and their world-famous clients, including U2, Muse, Justin Timberlake, Smashing Pumpkins, Leonard Cohen, Gloria Estefan, Beyoncé, Green Day, Michael Jackson, Elton John and many more, so will definitely play a fundamental role in further asserting Outline’s role on the global pro audio market.

“To be really honest, I'm so glad to be part of the Outline Team for many reasons,” states Vinnie. “The main one regards all the technology Outline has developed from the past till now, which is just amazing. Another is to work with a lovely creative high-tech factory crew and, yet another good reason but definitely not the last, is to provide the opportunity across the audio market for a professional response to what so many users are looking for! Right now, I feel like a child with so many toys to play with, but when I say ‘toys’ I mean great impressive devices! For sure I'm the 'new kid on the block' in Flero, but I feel ready to bring all those racks and stacks in clients’ front doors. I can’t wait to see their eyes (could be interesting for a sound guy) as soon we switch on. Watch out – Outline’s on the way – I'm in Mission!”

14th November 2016

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