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Intelligent Marquee Systems Featured at Historic Masonic Theatre in Virginia

Intelligent Marquee Systems Featured at Historic Masonic Theatre in Virginia
Intelligent Marquee Systems Featured at Historic Masonic Theatre in Virginia

USA – The Historic Masonic Theatre is an architectural treasure nestled in the Allegheny Mountains. Since opening in 1905, the historic venue has boasted eclectic billings over the last century, including Roy Rogers (and of course Trigger), Gene Autry, Count Basie, and even political blunderbuss William Jennings Bryan (“What has been will be again”). Now a performing arts, education, and community facility, a recent renovation includes the new, redesigned Intelligent Marquee Systems (IMS Mk2) LED marquee/festoon lighting system.

Specified by Theatrical Consultants Collaborative (TCC) of North Carolina and installed by Productions Unlimited, Inc. of South Carolina, IMS V12 Filament lamps were the perfect way to achieve programmable marquee lighting with the warm, golden look of traditional incandescent lamps, plus the benefits of individual DMX control and LED technology.

For the classic retro look, 30 V12 lamps are housed in decorative plaster rosettes in an ante-proscenium, forming a faux arch around the stage. Chasing and other programmed effects are spectacular in this setting. In addition, four runs of 12 lamps each are installed in the arched ceiling lobby. Also, 12 more installed beneath the theatre balcony are used for accents. All 90 lamps are controlled by a single IMS Mk2 Universe Drive using approximately 10% of the energy required for a similar incandescent system.

“The IMS system needs only one dedicated circuit, saving us seven dimmer circuits needed for a comparable incandescent rig, with the added bonus of individual control,” says Jonathan Mercer of Productions Unlimited. “This installation was planned for six months and Josh Allen of TCC recommended the IMS, knowing it would be perfect for this gig. The system has been running without problem for nearly six months and everyone loves it!

“The IMS Mk2 Universe Drive controller works perfectly and was remarkably easy to program right out of the gate; rare for a product we’ve never touched before. We’re very pleased with the results and we plan to use IMS on other projects.”

IMS Mk2 individually DMX-controlled, long-life, marquee/festoon lighting systems feature RGBW, dynamic white, and warm white V12 Filament versions. Shatterproof and outdoor-rated for a wide temperature range, IMS lamps last many years and are safe to use in public areas. A standard Edison base easily retrofits in existing systems. Universe Drive power supplies are available in RackMount, PortableMount (ideal for truss), DIN Rail, and IP65 outdoor versions. A very handy HHP (Hand Held Programmer), used to address the individual lamps, completes the system. 

13th January 2017

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