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BackStage Pass: Reflections on Life in the Theatre

BackStage Pass, an original video series for the live event entertainment industry, has announced the release of the third video in an ongoing series of interviews with leaders who have helped shape the history and future of the entertainment industry.

Mark White, ETC regional manager, UK and Ireland, is Bill’s guest and he offers a unique perspective into the theatre in both regions.

“I was fascinated by Mark’s experiences,” noted executive producer, Bill Sapsis. “In some aspects they parallel what many of us have lived through in our careers, but they have that distinctly British flavour that makes for an extremely interesting, and informative, interview.”

BackStage Pass videos are available for free on YouTube. Previous interview guests have been Neil Mazzella & Richard Pilbrow.

Mark White’s interview is available to view on YouTube here.

31st October 2017

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