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Magna Grecia – Multimedia and Theatre in Senise, Italy

Magna Grecia – Multimedia and Theatre in Senise, Italy
Magna Grecia – Multimedia and Theatre in Senise, Italy

“Magna Grecia – The Myth of Origins” just finished its 2017 season with 25 shows, the last on 9th September. There has been a most spectacular positive spectator responce.

LOBO Laser and Multimedia Systems realised the venue’s digital stage design by Paolo Atzori. This most astonishing theatre / multimedia environment was to be custom tailored for “The Myth of Origins”, a recapture of history, enriched by travel, laser and video projections on waterspray canvas, choreography, magic dialogues, vision of the future and business dangers, alternating live stage performances with image narrative, combining modern theater and cinema.

The idea was to also animate the ambitious setting of the Greek Amphitheatre-like Arena Sinni of Senise, an impressive scenic space of 4,000 square metres, 2,500 seats and a 3,200-square-metres water basin respecting the surrounding environment with the predominance of local natural materials such as turf and wood, an ideal scenario for experimenting with the most advanced technologies.

For this purpose, LOBO configured, supplied and implemented a state-of-the-art show laser system to take care of all arising laser light fantasies. It became a sparks system, equipped with an optically-pumped laser module, sparks-XG15. With a typical brightness (with PCS) ELB200: 1703 W/m², its collimated beam is outstandingly bright and perfectly suited for long distance projections such as in Senise.

Thanks to the triple stage active cooling system, the sparks is suitable for continuous operation at high ambient temperatures of more than 40°C, which can easily be the case at hot climate regions such as Senise. Along with the sparks, LOBO chose a failsafe LACON-5 – a hybrid parallel multiprocessor laser and multimedia workstation in compact version, running in sync also with video, fire effects and other media. The standard optical signal transmission by digital data link DDL-2 was the perfect option for overcoming long distance signal carriage, contrary to copper cable solutions, also underwater! Additionally, this feature generally enables the remote administration and configuration of devices supporting the DDL-2 protocol. The LACON-5 was equipped with all necessary modules to be able to control any kind of standard DMX devices, RS-232 interfaced peripheral devices, and parallel I/O controlled devices via 20 configurable digital in- or output channels (e.g. for remote control of the LACON-5 or fog generators, etc.) A timecode module was also implemented, a sort of plug-in electronics for the LACON-5 series with LTC reader / generator for time code according to SMPTE / EBU-standard for synchronization with external media systems..

For sufficient light and imagery projection area, LOBO provided jet version water screens on each side.

LOBO configured them to be 12 alignable 2m long distributor segments for creating a vertical rectangular water screen according to the fountain principle with a height of approximately10m, including 96 individually adjustable nozzles and special submersible pumps.

Additionally, a 28m wide water screen (spray version) with an outstandingly homogeneous high density spray for high resolution imagery was put in the centre of the basin. For this purpose LOBO configured and implemented a central pump unit, consisting of two multi-level submersible pumps, with an integrated spray nozzle in stainless steel design for creating an almost semi-circular water film with a spray diameter as already mentioned.

At a total power consumption of 60kW, an automatic star-delta soft start controller, a motor protection switch, a double redundant design with 100m cable to each pump as well as a fault current circuit breaker ensures smooth operation.

A multitude of LOBO fog and fan units were placed for an optimum of visual effects harvesting. Further complementary elements were led walls and video projector units, moving lights and fire walls.

The result is theatre, cinema, dance and spectacular effects with state-of-the-art technologies, elements that, in perfect synergy, accompany the audience in the adventure of Magna Grecia – The Myth of Origins, the great multimedia show designed by Emir Kusturica.

It alternates live stage performances with image narrative, comparing theatre and cinema, involving actors such as Kusturica – the winner of two Golden Palms at the Cannes Film Festival, here as Zeus – Giancarlo Giannini, Claudio Santamaria, Catherine Murino, Giorgio Colangeli, Christo Jivkov, Giovanni Capalbo, Greta Bellusci, with the participation of Sabrina Impacciatore and for the first time on the screens, young Zeno Atzori.

Written and directed by Lorenzo Miglioli, with theatrical direction by Nicola Zorzi, accompanied by Paolo Atzori for the technological direction and digital set-ups.

Magna Grecia – Multimedia and Theatre in Senise, ItalyMagna Grecia – Multimedia and Theatre in Senise, Italy

26th October 2017

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