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Maintenance-free band hoist from Movecat for professional use

Maintenance-free band hoist from Movecat for professional use

Movecat's first band hoist, the VMB-S 250-0.8-24, is designed for problem-free professional use. It allows precise positioning with very smooth movements.

During both slow and fast runs, the nominal operating noise is a very low 50dBA/1 m. The Movecat band hoist with TÜV-certified transmission breakage protection is designed for loads of up to 250kg, which it moves at speeds ranging from 0 to 0.8 metres per second over lifting distances of up to 24 metres using a maintenance-free precision steel band.

Thanks to its compact design, the band hoist assures the balanced departure of the suspension element. In closed loop mode, reversal of the run direction is possible without incursion of the brakes, as is hovering. The temperature control for the gear unit and motor is implemented by means of a closed active cooling system, which is monitored redundantly. All important function parameters and test functions can also be invoked from the integrated status board.

"With the new band hoist, we are enabling our customers to meet their full requirements in terms of networked kinetic systems exclusively with equipment from our company," emphasises Movecat CEO Andrew Abele. The advantage of this is clear: it means the effective elimination not only of compatibility problems but also of time-consuming and costly system configuration headaches as well as the kind of flaws in the security concept that can can result from the use of devices from different manufacturers.

The maintenance-free, precision steel band of the Movecat VMB-S 250-0.8-24 can be drawn in at an angle of +/- 45° by means of a flexible, radial band feed. Specially rounded edges effectively minimise the risk of injury.

The integration of the band hoist into an I-Motion network from Movecat is carried out via V-Motion 40E or 55E following a user-friendly "plug and lift" procedure.

photo: Movecat

18th October 2017

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