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Professional Drummer and Videographer Chooses ASP4816

Professional Drummer and Videographer Chooses ASP4816

Belgium – “Since I bought the Audient console, my ears and the desk have become the most important tools in my daily workflow,” says Ohrenschmaus Audio Video Engineering studio owner Max Scholl (pictured), who cites: “Analogue workflow, sound and history,” as some of the many reasons for purchasing the ASP4816 mixing console earlier this year.

As a professional drummer and live musician, a great drum sound is vital to him in his recordings. “I need the sound to fit from the start to the end without any loss of quality. The Audient ASP4816 makes this workflow much easier than before. The Audient board ‘glues’ all the drums together so they can be perceived as a whole instrument,” he says, using his Audient ASP800 eight-channel mic pre if he needs extra mic inputs.

Also a videographer, Max has found that the new desk: “Helps bring the music and the unique sound into focus,” for his sound design work. “The integrated compressor is the icing on the cake and gives the final mixdown the finishing touch. It’s the perfect desk for working with my music and giving my videos that special sound.”

According to Ben Littlewood of Benelux Audient distributor and supplier of the Ohrenschmaus ASP4816, Pro Media Connect: “Belgians love culture. Besides French fries and good beer there is another passion: analogue music.” Max decided it was time for him to explore this for himself.

“I’d been working professionally on my iMac for three years, and was intrigued to find out whether an analogue console would be beneficial. I thought about it, did some research and talked to other producers about the Audient.” He wasn’t disappointed; neither with the desk nor the service provided by the Pro Media Connect team. “The clear, saturated pre-amps, a harmonic EQ and an easy handling over the whole board. The console impresses me every day. It’s not only me, my customers are excited about it, too.”

Max adds: “Ohrenschmaus clients demand recordings from a wide spectrum of genres, and Audient desks can handle all different music styles and sounds. With the ASP4816, I can now hit the nail on the head every time.”

2nd October 2017

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