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Range of Verlinde Stagemaker scenographic equipment selected for Théâtre la Licorne

Range of Verlinde Stagemaker scenographic equipment selected for Théâtre la Licorne
Range of Verlinde Stagemaker scenographic equipment selected for Théâtre la Licorne
France - Théâtre la Licorne is a professional theatre troupe created in1986 and specialised in puppetry and object theatre. The company moved in 2013 to a former automotive dealership building in Dunkirk. This completely renovated space, a European creation facility for contemporary puppetry and object theatre, was inaugurated in November 2015 for the purposes of creation, training and holding exhibitions but also as an artists' residence. It is therefore a multi-purpose facility necessitating great flexibility for the staging of productions and the assembly of decors. Safety is a priority, both for the technicians and for the public admitted to the theatre.

For the installation of stage sets, Théâtre la Licorne called upon Alive Technology (formerly CSE Technology), a specialist in scenic and audiovisual structures and equipment. The expertise of their technicians and design department enables the integrator to propose ideal stage equipment for lighting, acoustics, cable systems and scenic structures while ensuring their maintenance. Scenic structures are fundamental to the installation of stage sets and SCE Technology with a focus on this aspect has been working closely for many years with emblematic manufacturers in this field including Verlinde for the last eight.

Pierre Leclerc, sales manager at Alive Technology who has handled the assembly of Verlinde lifting equipment at Théâtre la Licorne points out that the main structure, i.e. the two IPN (European standard) longitudinal beams, the rail ways and scaffolding were already in place. 15 suspended cranes were added along the structure between the two IPN beams to hang and rapidly move decor or acoustics elements. Mr. Leclerc chose to mount each crane on two Stagemaker SR5 motors with 8m chains designed for loads of 500kg. Thirty motors in all were used for the structure. Each motor is itself mounted on a Verlinde CHD 500kg trolley that travels long one of the two main beams. The cranes thus move vertically and the motors horizontally along the rail ways by means of travelling trolleys. This provides great modularity and flexibility that fit in very well with the numerous functions of the facility.

The industrial chain driven electric hoists selected from among Verlinde's Stagemaker SR range for loads of between 125 and 5000kg are widely acclaimed by the audiovisual community. Black in colour, they fit in very well with all technical facilities and provide the highest levels of safety and productivity.

The 30 Stagemaker motors installed at Théâtre La Licorne are fitted with numerous innovations as standard equipment: they are equipped with double lifting brakes making them directly D8+ compatible (D8+ ready with the tare calculated by dividing the rated load by 2). These hoisting units are fitted with the only hoist on the market offering this level of safety. What is more, they are fitted with a new and unique hoist load wheel concept with a chain drive using intermediary teeth, marketed as "Perfect Push ", together with the "CHAINFlux MKII" horizontal chain guide system. With the new torque limiter, the positioning of the clutch system in the gear box ensures the load is securely held by the brake whatever the operating conditions of the equipment. These qualities totally meet the safety challenges for the installation of stage sets.

With its new fully ergonomic design, the Stagemaker SR range is unique on the market in that it is equipped as standard with retractable hand grips providing practical compactness for the stowing of articles and above all, rubberised protective surfaces that prevent the risk of injury when decors are assembled and of impacts during frequent handling as is the case at Théâtre La Licorne.< /p>

The team of technicians at Théâtre de la Licorne is autonomous in matters of maintenance and since the installation late 2015, there have been no complaints involving the technical installation.


Range of Verlinde Stagemaker scenographic equipment selected for Théâtre la LicorneRange of Verlinde Stagemaker scenographic equipment selected for Théâtre la Licorne

19th October 2017

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