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Safety and Comfort for Both Sides of the Barrier

Safety and Comfort for Both Sides of the Barrier

The wide range of high quality aluminium (EN AW-6082 T6) crowd barriers from LITEC provides safety and comfort for both sides of the dividing line. They allow firmly secure boundaries and restrict access for all types of public events, while providing complete safety and comfort for visitors and staff alike.

Their folding design, modularity and lightweight construction make them easy to move, store, transport, install and disassemble. An extended, inclined footstep with non-slip surface ensures stability and prevention of accidental tripping. Their all-aluminium construction contributes to extreme durability during all seasons, as well resistance to ageing and corrosion.

A range of accessories are available for increasing their usefulness and practicality. Safety is enhanced due to certification in accordance with UNI EN 13200-3.


19th October 2017

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