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SGM lights up Wall of Dreams

SGM lights up Wall of Dreams
SGM lights up Wall of Dreams

UK – As part of the Southbank Centre’s year-long Nordic Matters programme in London and coinciding with their London Literature Festival, award-winning poet and artist Morten Søndergaard is showcasing his latest art installation Wall of Dreams on the building facade of Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall for three weeks from 14th October 2017.

This amazing concept portrays visions and dreams from refugees across Europe with the intention to raise much-needed awareness about the current refugee situation. “The current media often portrays refugees and migrants as a common mass and as an ‘other’ in society. This artwork and project is an opportunity to influence a change of this representation. Let’s convey a different story,” Morten Søndergaard explains.

The projection on The Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall is realised by the deployment of 16 SGM G-Spot LED moving heads mounted on existing poles surrounding the building. Special gobos have been designed containing the textual messages with each moving head containing several of these custom-made gobos making it possible to alter the building facade over night for a changeable appearance through programming. The bright output of the G-Spot produces razor-sharp effects for spectators to see and read from a distance.

“The light SGM can deliver is fantastic. Those G-Spots are magical; they display the words with such brightness and sharpness. We needed a weatherproof luminaire for this three-week period, and with the G-Spot we got exactly that. In addition, we also got a LED solution ensuring that we maintain the power consumption at a low level,” says Morten Søndergaard.

Using light in art installations is quite new to Morten Søndergaard, but definitely something he wants to consider for future projects. “This is just the beginning for me. Light opens a new dimension of possibilities; it hits the surface creating great impact for the viewer but leaving no physical impact on the surface. To me that is a quite spectacular tool.”

Due to the London Literature Festival taking place at the same time, the melting pot of The Southbank Centre will be enveloped by words both inside and outside.

“I believe dreams to be strong, clear and honest messages. Each dream opens a window into an individual. We get a glimpse of a story, a glimpse of light making it possible to shed light on a very complex situation – to stay in the lighting terminology. And they give the potential for us to understand each other better. While Europe is building walls around itself, we want to create a contrasting image by proposing another type of ‘wall’: A sharing wall, an inclusive wall and a connective Interface!” Morten Søndergaard concludes.

SGM lights up Wall of DreamsSGM lights up Wall of Dreams

17th October 2017

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