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SGM’s G-Spots Endure Florida Climates at Orlando World Center Marriott

SGM’s G-Spots Endure Florida Climates at Orlando World Center Marriott

USA SGM’s G-Spot LED moving head fixtures can be found poolside at the prestigious Orlando World Center Marriott hotel in Orlando, Florida. Enduring the Florida climate year-round was a main concern when choosing a product for this installation. The fixtures need to stand up to high temperatures, heavy rainfalls, wind, and humidity. In the summer, the temperatures regularly rise over 90 degrees Fahrenheit with thick humid air. SGM’s patented dehumidifier works consistently to keep all unwanted moisture out of the fixtures, making SGM truly one of a kind.

For the installation, K-System’s Mitchell Piper was contracted to put together an entertainment package that would suit the permanent “Light Up the Night” shows that was to take place over the pool area. The nightly spectacular has four rotating shows as well as unique holiday and special occasion shows. The shows originally planned to have only lasers, but quickly morphed into a spectacle that required moving heads, audio and more. Piper then reached out to his business partner, Ken White of Millennium Waves for assistance with the project.

Piper had not used SGM products previous to this installation, but had heard about them through friends and rental companies. After hearing about their IP65/66 ratings, he knew he could trust the G-Spots to perform under the extreme conditions. He claims: “The G-Spots were perfect for us! We needed something that could withstand the tropical environment. It was important to find a fixture that not only met all the needs of the project, but the fixture needed to perform, last and be functional in the installed environment. I don’t need to be in Maine wondering if fixtures in Florida are working!”

Lighting designer, Ted Dunbar, was equally impressed by the G-Spots capabilities giving the fixtures a “two thumbs-up”. When discussing what made the G-Spot stand out to him he stated, “Despite being rated for the outdoors, it behaves much like a regular indoor mover. The functionality was not jeopardised.”

SGM is also well known for their bright, yet very saturated colours that is unmatched in the industry. The G-Spots added a layer of depth to Light Up the Night by using gobos and effects that supported the laser based show. Dunbar concluded: “The LED output is impressive. It lit up a very large property, as if it were an arc fixture.”

SGM’s G-Spots Endure Florida Climates at Orlando World Center MarriottSGM’s G-Spots Endure Florida Climates at Orlando World Center Marriott

5th October 2017

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