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Specialist illumination company, LED Creative has supported the 2017 Best FIFA Football Awards

Specialist illumination company, LED Creative has supported the 2017 Best FIFA Football Awards

UK – Hosted by Idris Elba and filmed live in front of a star-studded audience at the London Palladium, the event honours top performers from the world of football in a celebration that salutes the sporting contributions of players, coaches and fans.

Featuring a stunning set by scenic designer Dominic Tolfts, built using clean, modern lines that added a dynamic sense of perspective and depth, the design created a tunnel-like effect that cleverly drew viewers inwards, beyond the iconic theatre’s proscenium arch.

The sci-fi stylish installation included almost 400m of LED Creative Sigma flex controlled using the company’s proprietary BYTE Controllers. The designer’s smart utilisation of LC Sigma, which included framing the entire width of the stepped stage front, allowed the team full creative control of colour, intensity and movement over a host of key elements throughout the ceremony.

The flexibility of the LED installation also helped lighting designer Nigel Catmur and gaffer Mark Gardiner to restyle the set in an instant, to create the full on rock and roll experience that accompanied the show’s high octane ‘half time entertainment’ provided by Kasabian.

In addition to the main auditorium set-up, the green carpet arrival/interview areas featured a selection of easy install LC Alpha Wand rental kits, plus BIT Controllers which the LD and gaffer Matt Chalk put to great use lighting up an ‘A-list’ audience which included some of the world’s greatest footballers who joined the team for the evening.

Speaking about the project, LED Creative director Ges Smith says: “It’s been an honour to work with Dominic Tolfts, Nigel Catmur and the whole crew on such a high profile, great looking production. It’s fantastic to see the creative ways in which Dominic has applied our products throughout the set to deliver an ultra modern feel in such a classic, ornate interior.”

31st October 2017

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