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ADB Presents New Technologies tor the Present and Future of Theatre at JTSE

ADB Presents New Technologies tor the Present and Future of Theatre at JTSE

France – Twelve months after the change in management, ADB is now introducing itself to the French market with a new look and innovations which bear witness to the historic brand’s total commitment. What’s more, ADB is doing it with the backing of Claypaky and the Osram Group, which took over this important brand in 2016. Through in-depth market insight and advanced technological know-how, it aims to optimise the brand’s excellent products after having updated production all over the world.

Simone Capeleto, ADB CEO says: “The range of services and products types that ADB now offers is one of the most complete on the market. ADB is mastering software and hardware development, as well as product engineering and production of all key components of a stage lighting system, i.e. luminaires, dimmers, control desks, networks and motorised suspension. The recent integration with Claypaky has led to further strengthening and expansion of the range, with the introduction of new LED products.”

The most emblematic product is Klemantis, an asymmetric linear cyc light based on the most advanced LED technology. Klemantis features the innovative and exclusive HCR technology, that is based on a six-colour LED module and its unique control algorithm. The HCR technology provides a wide colour gamut, from bold colours to pastel shades, as well as an impressive tuneable white light with a CRI > 97, up to 99. Its light output is enhanced by an innovative optical system, which enables the Klemantis to generate a uniform light with excellent diffusion and perfectly blended colours.

Claypaky CEO Pio Nahum says: “The theatre sector is rapidly changing with the dramatic breakthrough of LED technology and automation, technologies in which Osram and Claypaky are leaders and innovators. LEDification has eliminated the technical differences that existed between geographical zones, and ADB’s new LED projectors can benefit from a worldwide market that makes them even more competitive. We are certain that ADB will soon become a major company not only in Europe and France in particular, where it has always been considered a market leader, but also in America and the rest of the world.”

The other recent development regards Imago and Imago Wing. They are new, flexible, professional lighting control desks for modern programming. They are compact, lightweight, ergonomic, universal, always at hand, and can be easily carried around in a backpack. The system works with Hathor, an innovative lighting software, specifically designed for today and tomorrow’s theatre challenges. Hathor features a user friendly and comfortable programming environment, and an impressive multi-users networked architecture.

Simone Capeleto says: “We have reinforced the customer support we offer to our French clientele thanks to the new skilled personnel we have hired. I am pleased to announce that our training courses will be starting soon on usage and console programming, conducted in French by a professional operator who has joined our staff.”

Come see all the new products and the most successful products of the traditional ADB line at JTSE, stand ADB 95-116 and the boite noire ADB 6.



21st November 2017

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