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Anthony Van-Sertima Becomes Business Development Manager at SGM UK

Anthony Van-Sertima Becomes Business Development Manager at SGM UK

UK - SGM has welcomed Anthony Van-Sertima as the new business development manager at the UK branch. Anthony was first introduced to SGM in 2005 and has loved the products ever since. With his knowledge of SGM and a background as both light technician and designer, Anthony is the perfect link between SGM and lighting designers.

In the UK, the network of lighting people is close and friendly. Having extensive knowledge in lighting and production, I’ll be on hand to provide the link between lighting designers and the brand; a friendly, familiar face,” said Anthony about his new role at SGM.

Anthony foresees a huge growth phase for SGM, and is thrilled to be part of that journey. “It’s not like other manufactures are falling short, but SGM is a few years ahead of competitors, having developed purely LED based technology a few years before the other major manufacturers,” said Anthony. “Also, in terms of the IP-rating, it is an exciting time for SGM as the demand for outside light installations is increasing, particularly here in the UK, but also globally,” said Anthony enthusiastically.

In his early teens, Anthony started working part-time in a lighting warehouse, where he got to learn and play around with lights. He went on to get a degree in lighting design and spent many years as a lighting technician and designer in theatre and the events industry.

SGM is about to go through an enormous growth phase, bringing top-of-the-line products to the market and broadening its range of products to be able to offer solutions to the theatre industry and other markets. With my theatre and events background, it’s really cool to be a part of that journey,” said Anthony, who is also bringing a far-reaching industry network with him.

Ian Kirby, director at SGM UK, brought Anthony aboard exactly because of Anthony’s background and extensive knowledge. He is likewise extremely positive about Anthony’s influence on SGM’s expansion into the theatre market.

Anthony brings a wealth of experience in lighting design and production. He is perfectly placed to help SGM develop its marketplace in production and theatre,” said Ian.

22nd November 2017

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