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BroadWeigh looks forward to exciting networking opportunities at LDI

BroadWeigh looks forward to exciting networking opportunities at LDI
BroadWeigh looks forward to exciting networking opportunities at LDI

USA – BroadWeigh is set to meet with several of its Product Partners and end users at LDI in Las Vegas to introduce them to the latest updates and additions to its product range.

Jonathan Purdue, BroadWeigh’s business development manager commented: “LDI is a fantastic place to meet with new and existing customers on a truly international stage. BroadWeigh has been working hard on its product developments this year and I’m looking forward to showing our customers just what we’ve been up to.”

One of the company’s most exciting new developments is the BroadWeigh TwistLink – a smart piece of kit which allows a BroadWeigh 4.75 tonne shackle to be quickly connected to a 4.75 tonne or 3.25 tonne shackle without having to mess around with the pin, nut and Rclip. It has holes at 90 degrees to minimise potential torsion loading in the load pin and conforms to the European Machinery Directive.

This will be joined by the new Wind Speed Sensor foam insert which holds Wind Speed Sensors in both large and small BroadWeigh flightcases. The large case has undergone some changes so that accessories can now fit cleverly within the lid. “We know from speaking with our customers that ease of storing and transporting our kit is just as critical as the kit itself. These amendments to our cases will certainly make life easier for our end users.”

Jonathan continued: “We’re also pleased to be releasing a new wireless USB dongle base station, the smallest base station in the BroadWeigh product range. The BW-BSd has a line of sight range of 500m for all BroadWeigh shackles and is housed in a compact USB style enclosure. It is cable free, which makes it ideally suited for laptops and tablets and provides a quick solution for portable logging. This is sure to make life even easier for our customers who can find themselves on the move and needing to walk around large venues and eliminates the inconveniences of trailing cables and wires.”

He concluded: “We are immensely excited to be launching all of these new products, which will be available before the end of the year. The wireless base station USB dongle and TwistLink will be available for our distributors and end users to see during the LDI show. The flightcase inserts are also available for immediate order. LDI is certain to be a busy show and I will look forward to meeting up with as many of our customers and potential customers as I can fit in the diary.”

LDI Show 2017, 17th - 19th November 2017, Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas, NV.

17th November 2017

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