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ChamSys MagicQ Stadium Wing Showcased at LDI

ChamSys MagicQ Stadium Wing Showcased at LDI

USA – A MagicDMX Basic USB-DMX interface giveaway and a new addition to the award-winning MagicQ Stadium series are among the highlights at LDI for ChamSys. The company will be giving interfaces to the first 100 visitors to its booth (1415) who have downloaded and installed MagicQ on their PCs, Macs or Linux systems.

Certain to draw a lot of attention at the ChamSys booth is the MagicQ Stadium Wing. The new product delivers the highest level of show control in a compact package, thanks to features like its 30 playbacks, four execute encoders and a full HD multi-touch display with adjustable viewing angle and gesture support.

“We’re extremely excited about the MagicQ Stadium Wing,” said Phil Watson, ChamSys USA director. “It is going to open a lot of doors for lighting designers and programmers as a result of its power and flexibility.”

Indicative of that flexibility, the MagicQ Stadium Wing’s 30 playbacks are pageable separately as 15 fader playbacks and 15 execute playbacks. Also, the four execute encoders are multi-purpose and can be assigned functions from the execute and other MagicQ Windows to enhance playback performance. Adding to this flexibility are the unit’s four DMX outputs.

The MagicQ Stadium Wing’s display connects directly to DVI video output from a MagicQ MQ500 or MagicQ MQ80 console using the DVI cable that comes with the unit. Any MagicQ Window can be transferred to the display on the Stadium Wing.

In addition to the new wing, ChamSys will be showcasing a range of consoles at LDI, including those compact enough to be checked in on an airliner. “We’re excited going into LDI,” said Watson. “Anyone interested in any level of console will find it here.”

14th November 2017

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