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Green Hippo Launches Hippotizer + Media Server range and Releases Hippotizer V4.3 Software

Green Hippo Launches Hippotizer + Media Server range and Releases Hippotizer V4.3 Software

Green Hippo reveals Hippotizer + media server range, its new product range of media servers. The new line comprises the Amba +, Boreal +, Karst +, Montane +, and Taiga +. Building on already incredibly powerful and talented machines, Hippotizer + range brings many user benefits, including the below standout features:

  • Performance boosts measure at up to 40%. You can playback additional media layers, deliver more complex 3D projects, and expect even better Notch performance.

  • Larger media drives. This is great news for the storage and more accurately the increasing demands of storage. The Boreal +, Karst +, and Taiga + all enjoy up to double the space on their standard versions.

  • New back-up and restore system. Time is money – especially in the rental business – and the new machines let you create user and password-protected rental back-up image enabling a faster turnaround between gigs.

  • Same old brilliant performance. The Hippotizer + range also runs Hippotizer V4 software, ensuring perfect interoperability between the two, and enabling new features for years to come.

Green Hippo has also announced Hippotizer Version 4.3, the latest version of its award-winning software. Hippotizer V4.3 runs on both Hippotizer and Hippotizer + hardware, and brings many new features to Hippotizer and SHAPE. In addition to vigorous bug squashing, benefits of Hippotizer V4.3 include:

  • NDI (video over Ethernet) send and receive

  • Smart improvements to ZooKeeper include a new ‘tabbed selector’ and drag-and-drop pin board creation and editing

  • ‘Notes and Tags’ – tag media with key words such as ‘Blue’ or ‘Strobe’ and then search for it by those tags in the media select

  • Enhanced UI for SHAPE, with grouping of objects, Nulls, parenting and bulk editing

  • Controllers in SHAPE let you move objects in real time, in 3D

  • GPU Selection enables even better PLAY and PREP performance in SHAPE

The Green Hippo Hippotizer + Media Server range and Hippotizer V4.3 both launched on 17th November at LDI 2017 in Las Vegas.

20th November 2017

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