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Jack & Jack Hit The Road With Bandit Lites

Jack & Jack Hit The Road With Bandit Lites
Jack & Jack Hit The Road With Bandit Lites

USA – Bandit Lites is out with viral pop stars Jack & Jack for their Fall 2017 Tour promoting their latest EP Gone. Comprised of Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson, the duo has amassed a following online of millions with their music, witty antics and relatability. The tour kicked off in October and concludes this December.

Lighting designer Chris Noll worked with production manager/music director Roberto Cerletti to fashion a design that would cover the wide range of venues, be it 2,000 plus capacity theatres with moving light rigs, or more intimate club settings with less than nine feet of clearance on the stage and conventional fixtures.

“While I had almost free reign creatively, there were certain moments in the show that we changed to pull closer in line with their previous performances,” said Noll. “Fortunately, Roberto Cerletti and I were stylistically on the same page as the entire show was programmed in three days with him only on site for the last day to make changes.”

With forethought regarding the varying venues, Noll programmed the show with both conventional and moving light rigs for every sequence, making the show as consistent as possible no matter the circumstances. In the instances when the show is not able to run with the full production, he rearranges the rig to bring back missing elements in alternative places.

Bandit Lites supplied two ten-foot upstage towers loaded with Chauvet Legend 230SR Beams and GLP X4S washes, offering depth and aerial looks while still providing backlight in the smaller clubs the tour ventures into.

“There is no video wall on this tour, so the facade of Chauvet Nexus 7x7 panels provides us a focal element behind the centre mic position which otherwise would have been lacking,” Noll explained. “Three Legend Beams flanking this facade provide the bulk of the aerial looks in the show as they cut so well through the rest of the package and house rigs.”

Down the sides of the stage are additional GLP X4S fixtures, supplying side lighting. With their capability to go hard edged, they also supply aerial looks for the busier numbers along with Elation ACL360 Bars, while TMB Solaris Flares give dedicated side lighting for the vocalists working the front of the stage along with low angle lighting for the band.

“In addition to the lighting rig, we are flying a kabuki system supporting a white scrim, which hides our set while the support act is on stage and acts as a projection surface for the carried 10k projectors,” Noll said. “Four cryo points along the downstage edge round out the package, adding additional punch to the set.”

“Chris has done an extraordinary job with matching the lighting with energy and enthusiasm of Jack & Jack,” said bandit client representative Shawn Lear. “This has been a production that we are very proud to a part of, and we look forward to growing with Jack and Jack.”

“Bandit has been fantastic to work with on this tour and Jack & Jack's production team has told me several times how impressed they have been,” finished Noll. “Shawn Lear provided all resources to fix any issues that could arise on the road, be it needing help troubleshooting a fixture to spare parts deliveries.”

16th November 2017

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