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Tears for Fears – In perfect balance

Tears for Fears – In perfect balance

UK – The expression ‘negative space’ might sound a contradiction terms when used in the context of lighting and video, but then when haven’t Tears for Fears challenged commonplace assumptions? Certainly not for their recent concert at the Royal Albert Hall, where show designer Alex Reardon and production manager JB Blot successfully transplanted a full-scale US arena production into this most enigmatic of venues.

“It was an unusual day,” began Reardon. “Normally when you do one-offs it’s the tiny things that get missed and then they snowball into chaos. But not this day. Neg Earth were great, Video Design were great. The band were happy. Their management were happy and the show went very well. In fact, it looks like we will be coming back to the UK for an Arena tour in May.”

Reardon chose the term ‘negative space’ to encapsulate his premise for applying LED video technology in an entirely counter intuitive fashion. “As with all my work, I stick to the holy trinity of production: aesthetics, logistics and finance. Does it look good? Is it practical to tour? And can we afford it? The premise for the LED was a response to my boredom with the ‘where are we going to put the big telly’ question. I wanted something sculptural that could contribute musically.”

‘Something sculptural’ resolved itself as two forty-foot wide flown rectangular frames of LED panel rigged at a 60-degree incline above the band. “We turn the processors up higher than normal to have LED video as a source of light; and critically, as shadow. There are those darker moments in Tears’ music: a dark rectangle can interplay with the lighting and have a deeper impact but it has got to be done right. We had played one one-off situations like the Albert Hall before and pretty much everyone had terrible problems rigging it. To their enormous credit, the team from Video Design cracked it with barely a sweat. I was expecting a lot more chin scratching, instead it was painless.”

The next leg of the tour kicks off 2nd May



Tears for Fears – In perfect balanceTears for Fears – In perfect balance

24th November 2017

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