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Bandit Lites Makes Christmas Magic with Dave Koz 20th Anniversary Tour

Bandit Lites Makes Christmas Magic with Dave Koz 20th Anniversary Tour

USA – One of the most cherished aspects of the holiday season is the music that connects precious memories with the present, and no one knows that better than Dave Koz who has returned to the stage for the Dave Koz 20th Anniversary Christmas Tour with Special Guests David Benoit, Rick Braun, Peter White and introducing Selina Albright. Chris Lisle Lighting Design relied on Bandit Lites once again for the lighting package to illuminate the acclaimed saxophonist and nine-time Grammy nominee and his friends who reunited as members of the original 1997 cast.

Erik Parker of Chris Lisle Lighting Design built upon Lisle’s concept of curved truss around risers saying: “I knew that I wanted a fixture to line the entirety of it and wanted it to look more like a functional scenic piece then a standard truss with lights. I also worked closely with production manager, Brian Foisy, to fine-tune everything and to make sure the lighting and scenic pieces blended well and flowed with the anniversary theme of this year’s tour.”

Bandit Lites supplied Martin MAC Vipers, Elation 360i, Elation 360 bar, GLP X4s, Robe Patt 2017 and Philips Nitro 510c. Vipers act as the main component of the flown rig for colour and texture, while three pipes are on each side of the stage with GLP X4s and Nitros for band wash and extra punch.

“The Elation 360i lines the truss structure to give us big looks following the shape of the truss and 360 bars line the band risers for great effects behind the artists,” Parker said. “We bring the Patt 2017s in for one section of the show dedicated to their 20th anniversary Christmas album released this year.”

And while the holidays can be a time of hustle and bustle, Bandit’s team ensured that no holiday madness made its way into the lighting, with vice president Mike Golden keeping everything smooth and simple and Dizzy Gosnell and project manager Gene Brian quickly sorting through rigging challenges.

“Bandit’s tech, Terese Fensler, rocks every load in and out and everything has been straight forward enough to where even I can figure it out and help out,” Parker said. “Terese is amazing and makes my life easy out here, and I know the Bandit team has always been a phone call or email away with anything we needed.”

“It was such a pleasure to be asked back for my second year with Dave Koz and Erik Parker of Chris Lisle Lighting Design,” said Fensler. “If I could be on any tour for the holidays, it would be this one with these awesome people. Erik has such a solid show; the looks he creates with the rig has fully encompassed the emotion of the songs and the feelings on stage. It is truly a ‘feel good’ holiday show, and I’m really happy to be back working with everyone!”

“Dave Koz has a wonderful production family and we are very honoured to be a part of it,” finished Golden. “As an added bonus, we are given the opportunity to hear the Christmas tour rehearsals piped through our building as they rehearse. It is a pleasure to work with Brian Foisy, Erik Parker, Chris Lisle and this wonderful group of people each and every year. This year marks their 20th Anniversary Christmas tour and I sincerely hope to be hearing the sounds of Dave Koz Christmas for many many more years to come.”

Bandit Lites Makes Christmas Magic with Dave Koz 20th Anniversary Tour Bandit Lites Makes Christmas Magic with Dave Koz 20th Anniversary Tour

6th December 2017

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