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Chauvet Professional Pumps Up the Oh! 24 Years Anniversary

Chauvet Professional Pumps Up the Oh! 24 Years Anniversary

Belgium Originally created in the late ‘90s as a side project of Belgian Eurodance masters DJ Pedroh and producer Phil Wilde, The Oh! quickly garnered itself a reputation as one of the most legendary club nights in Belgium, thanks to world class DJ sets and supporting single hits including 'Won't you show me the way' and 'Got to be free.’

Almost a quarter of a century later, new generations of Belgian dance music lovers continue to discover the energy and vitality present in those early club nights, thanks to annual anniversary The Oh! events. One such recent event at the Waregem Expo celebrating 24 years of The Oh! saw acts such as Frequencerz, Ran-D, B-front, and Mark with a K share the stage with founder DJ Pedroh. Creative Rental Solutions provided punchy visual support for the occasion with immersive stage lighting provided by 64 ÉPIX Strip, 24 Rogue R2 Wash, and 12 Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures from Chauvet Professional.

Building the unmissable visual centrepiece of Lieven Tacq’s stage design was an angular lighting structure comprised of the ÉPIX fixtures split into two opposing 'V' shapes. The 1M long LED strips provided a number of scenery defining looks and effects, thanks to their pixel mapping capabilities and wide viewing angle, accentuated by an optional frosted dome shaped diffuser increasing visibility to 185°.

"The ÉPIX fixtures were perfect for this particular event, thanks to their linear form and versatile effects," commented Thomas Vandekerkhove, project manager at Creative Rental Solutions. "Not only did they provide punchy, saturated colours, the fixtures did double duty as scenic elements providing interesting looks behind the DJ booth."

Whereas the ÉPIX fixture gave the crowd a visual focal point for the DJs on stage, Vandekerkhove and his team were able to inject an enormous amount of pulsating energy into the various DJ performances, thanks to the addition of the Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures.

With the Maverick Spots we were able to produce fantastic bolts of energy, which were absolutely necessary to carry the audience throughout the night!" continued Vandekerkhove.

Speaking of the 440W Maverick fixtures, Vandekerkhove cited features like their two rotating, indexing and interchangeable slot and lock gobo wheels and three-facet prism with adding impact to the lighting display. “Although there were relatively few Maverick Spot fixtures specified on the rig, they successfully transformed the space into a proper club atmosphere,” he remarked. “The combination of gobo effects and brightness ensured that the energy present during those early shows could be fully recreated and reinvigorated 24 years later."

The Rogue R2 Wash fixtures gave the Creative Rental Solutions team the tools to create a blanket of saturated wash lighting to illuminate both the elaborate set design and the crowd, thanks to punchy RGBW colours and a 12° to 49° zoom ratio.

The Rogue R2 Wash is a solid choice for an event of this size because of its stunning output and bright saturated colours,” he continued. “The stage and crowd were completely covered with colour, which made for an incredibly immersive experience.”

Thanks to Creative Rental Solutions' design, the area around Waregem Expo centre was successfully transformed into a club setting. What’s more, the creative use of the Chauvet Professional fixtures ensured that the legacy of The Oh! club nights has been secured for another year.


Chauvet Professional Pumps Up the Oh! 24 Years Anniversary Chauvet Professional Pumps Up the Oh! 24 Years Anniversary

7th December 2017

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