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Christmas donations from Movecat support social projects in the region

Christmas donations from Movecat support social projects in the region

Germany – At the end of another successful year, Movecat is once again pursuing its idea of allowing social institutions in the Nufringen region to partake of its success. This year the chosen beneficiaries were the DRK Ortsgruppe Gärtringen, the GWW in Herrenberg and the Waldhaus in Hildrizhausen. Movecat of Nufringen is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide in the field of modular scalable stage kinetics.

The Christmas donation from Movecat will enable the DRK Ortsgruppe to supplement the equipment used by its eight first aid workers. They will be receiving a special attachment for the defibrillators of their emergency backpacks that is suitable for children. The defibrillators hitherto available in the emergency backpacks were only suitable for adults. Thanks to this small additional electrode, it will now be possible to treat children from birth to eight years of age. True to its motto "safety first" for all, Movecat felt very strongly that such treatment should also be extended to children. From now on, the excellently trained volunteers of the DRK Ortsverein and the volunteer fire brigade of Gärtringen attending emergencies will be able to intervene immediately rather than having to wait for the arrival of an emergency doctor or fire rescue services. The first minutes are often crucial to the survival of children.

Also considered was the woodwork shop of the Waldhaus in Hildrizhausen, which offers help and recognition to young people from socially disadvantaged families as well as young people with personal difficulties, by supporting initiatives to integrate them into schools and professional life. The donation from Movecat will make it possible to expand the workshop and equip it with additional woodworking tools.

The GWW charity workshops in Herrenberg offer the mentally ill as well as the mentally as well as physically handicapped an opportunity to enter the labour market, thereby giving them the chance to live as independently as possible. For their production, Movecat has purchased additional large mobile containers to supplement those that formed part of last year's Christmas donation. The containers will be used to store cardboard and paper for shredding. The raw material used for Karopack cushions – an environmentally friendly packaging material – is produced from the shredded material in a closed recycling process.

The Christmas donations were presented by Movecat CEO Andrew Abele and marketing director Angelika Dallman, in person.

In picture: Andrew Abele CEO with DRK Ortsverein Gärtringen

photo: Movecat 

15th December 2017

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