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Movecat VMK-S ll chain-hoist family now shipping

Movecat VMK-S ll chain-hoist family now shipping

In its new VMK-S II chain hoists, Movecat is offering events equipment users four highly versatile BGV C1 chain hoists for professional applications. The fully dynamic chain hoists of the VMK-S family represent the leading industry standard and satisfy all requirements for the movement of loads over people in the course of scene changes. The series comprises four chain hoists: MINI 125, MIDI 250, MAXI 500, MEGA 1250 that make the movement of loads ranging from 125kg to 1,250kg possible.

Each of the four VMK-S II chain hoists is capable of speeds continuously variable between 0 and 40m/min in closed-loop mode, which allows runs continuing beyond the null point (floating state) with full torque. In order to assure maximum reliability during even the most complex productions, positions resulting from precision target and synchronous runs can be reproduced to an accuracy of < +/- 1mm. To allow direct monitoring of the transported loads at all times, integrated into the single-hole eyelet of each VMK-S family hoist is a maintenance-free, real-time, load measuring module (LME) with an SIL test function. Thanks to the two independent, low-noise brakes, combined with the noise-attenuation of all bearings, applications in acoustically sensitive environments present no problems whatsoever.

The VMK-S II chain hoists comply in full with the stipulations of the BGV C1/DGUV V 17/18 and DIN 56950-1 standards as well as EN 61508. The hoists are also designed for SIL 3 applications. Furthermore, Movecat delivers the chain hoists in a tested and ready to use format.

In its V-Motion E-series, Movecat also offers a variety of power packs for the operation of regulated drives such as those of the VMK-S family. The series covers drives with motor outputs ranging from 250W to 7,500W, with each model available in both single- and dual-channel axis processor versions.

photo: Movecat

12th December 2017

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