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A.C. Entertainment Technologies Showcases Retrofittable and Full LED System Solutions at BVE 2017

A.C. Entertainment Technologies Showcases Retrofittable and Full LED System Solutions at BVE 2017

UK – The film and TV sales division of A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd. will be showcasing its choice of LED solutions designed to work in image capture within either new build or existing studio lighting infrastructures at BVE 2017, ExCeL London, stand L40, 28th February - 2nd March 2017.

The range of brands, many of which are UK-exclusive, offer flexible, efficient alternatives to more traditional studio lighting technologies, without loss of quality or volume of output.

For new studio builds, the award-winning Chroma-Q LED Space Force variable white soft source employs the very latest technological advances in every area of its design. The Space Force produces a large volume of soft light and is suitable for a variety of studio applications. The fixture delivers a high quality CCT tuneable white light output, with a CRI & TLCI of up to 97, and has adjustable Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to ensure flicker-free operation on camera. Drawing less than 400 Watts of power, it includes a built-in ballast and is passively cooled for quiet operation. The Space Force is an ideal alternative to conventional space lights and other tungsten-source lighting fixtures.

For existing studio infrastructures, making the full upgrade to a new LED-based lighting system can be costly and outside of the available budget. However, in these circumstances there is another way to still benefit from the energy-efficiency of LED sources, with the recent introduction of retrofittable LED lamp solutions which provide a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative.

The Visionsmith Re-Lamp is a drop-in replacement module which fits most traditional 300W, 650W, 1kW and 2kW incandescent Fresnels, and converts them to LED (Tungsten or Daylight colour) without needing to replace the power or control infrastructure. With a reduced power requirement per Fresnel of up to 80%, and a reduction in heat production, the savings in studio energy running costs can be substantial.

In addition, the Quasar Science Q-Line range is a direct replacement for fluorescent lamps which comes in dimmer-compatible and direct versions. The Q-Line is available in a choice of lengths between one foot and eight feet, and in both switchable bi-colour and crossfade variable colour versions. Applications include providing more than 40% more output than a traditional tube.

For on-location broadcasts, the DMG Lumière SL1 range offers a highly portable and easy to use 'run and gun' light. Features include incredible colour-quality, with a CRI of 94 and TLCI of 90-94, and with a very fine colour temperature tolerance. In addition, they have an incredible size-weight-power ratio.

Also featured are the renowned Mole-Richardson brand's range of LED-source Fresnels, which provide colour rendition and output comparable with traditional fixtures. Available in tungsten and daylight colour temperatures, models include the SeniorLED 900W / 5K equivalent, the JuniorLED 200W / 1.2kW equivalent, and the BabyLED 150W / 0.75kW equivalent.

The Manfrotto and Avenger ranges offer an extremely wide choice of lighting support and grip solutions. Providing exceptional build quality and performance, the comprehensive range includes stands, clamps, arms, lighting booms, Autopole system, background support systems, and sky track system.

In addition, check out AC-ET’s in-house Tourflex cabling service which provides specialised and custom cable assemblies for broadcast including power, multicore and lighting, audio and video signals.

Visit stand L40 at BVE for a demonstration and to discuss your requirements.

22nd February 2017

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