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Black Light Artist Uses Antari UV Lights to Reveal Unique Works of Art

Black Light Artist Uses Antari UV Lights to Reveal Unique Works of Art

USA – The Black Light King is a successful black light artist based in Los Angeles who creates spectacular black light art and installations that are visual treats for the eye and mind. Black art only pops when exposed to UV light so when creating his art he often turns to Antari UV lights to reveal the glow effect that makes black light art so unique.

The contemporary artist has been working in this medium for over 15 years and often has his art highlighted at electronic music festivals and underground warehouse art shows in the Los Angeles area. He also works with experimental film and photography that require art installations and lighting. The Black Light King was also on hand at the Antari booth at last year’s LDI show in Las Vegas, where visitors could watch him paint his distinct pieces.

The Black Light King often uses the Antari Dark FX Spot 670 to illuminate smaller canvas work and the Antari DarkFX Wash 2000 for luminescent body art and art installations. “I love the way the Antari UV lights are built to be a true LED black light and can pick up all the colours I use in my work,” he commented. “They give a variety of UV effects and are by far the best for glowing colour effects. The range on the lights is incredible and can make the colours glow from a variety of angles and distances. They have a large projection and make the art glow exactly the way I want it to. They also give me a variety of settings to make my work glow with intensity like the control systems where they can be made to strobe or hooked up to a sound board to strobe with music.”

Black light art is a powerful medium that evokes both wonder and emotion. Combine that with a talented artist and the effect is stunning. The Black Light King describes his art and the role of UV light as such: “My works consist of surreal imaginative symbolisms that play with the colour spectrum of ultra-violet colour spectrums. My subject matter includes dreams, surreal worlds and psycho-analysis based out of my own subconscious mind and experiences. The works are made to be seen under the UV black light as to reinvent the negative spaces and make the colour glow in intensity. The black light king is a symbol of the kingdom which we all possess in finding the kingdom within the imagination. By using different colour spectrums under intense lighting we can look at colour and form in an extraordinary new way and build a perfect kingdom within the imagination of the mind.”

For a recent body art photoshoot the artist worked with model Sayuri, placing her in a dark background and painting psychedelic wings to blend her into the art piece. With the use of UV paint he was able to make a smooth transition from her body to the artwork symbolic of eyes turning into wings. “The colours became more intense after we used the UV lights and managed to pick up all the small subtle colour blends and highlights that I added,” he concludes.

Black Light Artist Uses Antari UV Lights to Reveal Unique Works of ArtBlack Light Artist Uses Antari UV Lights to Reveal Unique Works of Art

2nd February 2017

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