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Blumano Expands

Blumano Expands

UK-based international entertainment industry engineering design and safety specialists and consultants Blumano Ltd is expanding and restructuring its operation.

The move brings into the Blumano organisation the service of systems control, with software and hardware expert Lluis Diaz-Guerra and his company Copinya. It also coincides with a general Blumano rebranding and the launch of a streamlined new interactive website,

“Blumano is delighted to have someone of Lluis’s calibre on-board, his knowledge and experience completes a much bigger picture than we have at Blumano, enabling us to offer a dynamic full-service, multi-platform package to clients seeking engineering solutions.”

Blumano Ltd was founded in 2014 by production industry professionals Cristiano Giavedoni and Amedeo Guizzi to provide a range of specialist services, expertise and consultancy related to lifting, moving and load-bearing equipment for stages, set and scenic elements and other objects and areas of entertainment industry production.

The diverse scope of its work reaches into all sectors, from concert touring to corporate and industrial events, encompassing theatre and television productions, festivals, large sporting fixtures and other special events.

The company has performed phenomenally well in its first two-and-a-half-year period, working on a wide variety of projects across Europe, the US and Asia, with the turnover for services alone exceeding all expectations. Blumano’s team explain that this prompted them to look to the future and see how to consolidate and move forward.

Blumano was already working with Lluis in a freelance capacity on some projects. They felt that his expertise in the field motion control systems and substantial knowledge related to the best, most appropriate and cost-efficient solutions was a perfect resource to boost the group and work in tandem with their own specialist fields of mechanical engineering and project management.

Blumano’s core business revolves around three principals. The first is strategy which includes machines, control and structures from static calculations for a stage to assessments of logic and control in a fully engineered automation system. This is a multi-skilled and multi-lingual service.

The second is specialising in atypical, unusual and idiosyncratic technical frameworks, all the areas that standard engineering companies might not choose to handle, including performer flying, flying objects above audiences or moving special and unique elements designed for one-off shows and events. The more complex and challenging, the better!

Thirdly, there’s the knowledge and requisite international accreditation to complete the work being undertaken. Blumano is recognised by the international community, is a consultant for several technical offices and official bodies and has an excellent working relationship with TUV offices throughout Europe and the US. This includes exhaustive knowledge of the minefield of certification necessary to satisfy various local authorities.

Blumano is geared up to look at the whole picture. While designing and making a system work is one thing, ensuring it is delivered with the associated risk analysis framework is also vital and this is an essential part of the process.

Contributing to Blumano’s success is their penchant for imagination, flair and style and ability to think laterally, together with the agility and efficient workflow that comes with being an independent entity. On top of that is the passion and commitment to an industry they all love for its challenges and opportunities to excel.

Projects have included working as consultants for Cirque du Soleil, the Baku convention centre in Azerbaijan, Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ world tour and Warner Bros ‘Nightingale’ production. Blumano works regularly with highly respected production industry engineering specialists like StageCo, Brilliant Automation and WIcreations, as well as a selection of global manufacturers and their brands.

In picture: Lluis Diaz-Guerra, Amedeo Guizzi and Cristiano Giavedoni.

20th February 2017

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