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Out with the old, in with the new at St Joseph's

Out with the old, in with the new at St Joseph\'s

Ireland St Joseph’s in Rochfortbridge, Ireland needed to upgrade and replace its old LCD projectors which were dim, had severe imagery artefacts and lacked modern inputs.

The school stripped out ten Epson and Infocus projectors and replaced these with five H181X and five W300 Optoma DLP projectors.

The school has moved from LCD projectors to DLP because they are brighter, more cost-effective and have good connectivity options.

Teacher of maths, accounting and ICT, Stephen Eustace, co-ordinates and executes all ICT improvements at St Joseph’s. He said: “My plan is to phase out all other projector makes and have just Optoma models in the school.

“The old ones were not very bright whereas the W300 is 3,000 lumens and the H181X is 3,200. This is perfect for the classrooms. In addition, they have a long bulb life (6000 hours) which makes them a great investment for the school.

“I have been replacing older projectors as the bulbs and other components failed with Optoma projectors and ensuring that all new models have at least 1280x800 resolution and HDMI inputs.”

The W330 is the next evolution of the W300 and the latest evolution from the H181X is the H183X. Both of these models are bright, so suitable for classrooms with high ambient light. They have a good selection of inputs/outputs including RS232 which allow almost all functions to be controlled remotely across a network. This is ideal for schools which often have to monitor multiple projectors.

The school is delighted with its new equipment. Stephen said: “The W300 is a great projector. It has a high lumen count and is very robust. The H181X has USB power which is brilliant for things like the Google Chromecast or WDA from Microsoft. We have installed projectors that meet the needs of teachers in each classroom.”

He added: “I have recommended Optoma installs in other schools and they love the H183X with Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and Screenbeam.”

Stephen is upgrading technology throughout the school including introducing Microsoft Surface Pro tablets to the classroom and training teachers on how to get the most from these to foster collaboration and enhance learning.

He said: “The main challenges that I face in developing and introducing new technology at the school is a lack of time and finances”. Finding the time to maintain and develop ICT within the school whilst teaching can be a difficult balancing act”

21st February 2017

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