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Spotlight on Milos roofs

The quarterly spotlight series from Milos continues with a focus on temporary roofs. From January until the end of March, Milos will release a total of four technical videos from its experts Marc Hendriks (A4I R&D director) and Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Tripp (A4I technical director). The videos will cover a range of important information about temporary demountable outdoor structures, such as applicable regulations, loads, the effects of wind, etc.

This first video in the series is now available for viewing and is from Area Four Industries R&D director Marc Hendriks. In this video, Marc gives an overview of applicable regulations for temporary demountable outdoor structures (TDS) and their scope. By the end of the video, viewers have a better understanding of the range of regulations relating to TDS and what they entail.

Watch the first Milos Roofs video here

2nd February 2017

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