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Alcons Celebrates Its 15th Prolight+Sound In Global Style

Alcons Celebrates Its 15th Prolight+Sound In Global Style

Germany – In early April, Alcons Audio marked its 15th year of exhibiting at Prolight+Sound by showing new products, welcoming visitors from across the globe and hosting the traditional annual Alcons dinner.

The new products being showed were the LR28/110 – a wide-dispersion version of the LR28 Larger Format Line Array, the QR24 Wide – an extension of the QR24 modular high-output line-source column and the latest software for the company’s amplified loudspeaker controllers, ALControl release 1.4.

Alcons welcomed visitors from across the globe, including China, India, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Poland, South Korea, Turkey, France, Switzerland and Austria (to name a few) to the company’s stand, all keen to share and discuss a common bond – the love of excellent sound.

On the second day of the show, Alcons hosted its annual dinner, where guests enjoyed sharing project stories, experiences and music, accompanied by excellent food and drink. The dinner included demonstrations of the company’s point-source, point-source array, line-source column and line-array systems, with the participants invited to test them with their own choice of audio.

“We are happy to set up various systems and allow our guests to choose their own material. That is what happens in the real world of sound reinforcement and this way we can show that our pro-ribbon technology makes every selection sounds its best,” says Alcons co-founder Tom Back.

He continues: “Overall Prolight+Sound was a very successful show for us. We were very pleased with the number of potential new Alcons customers and users who visited the stand and it is the key international meeting point for our fast growing family of Pro-Ribbon Partners. I always enjoy them exchanging their experiences of our mutual mission to spread the word about the advantages of pro-ribbon systems. It’s very special to have guests from right around the world meet, with Alcons as their common bond.

“Although spoken communication can be difficult between different nationalities, the music and audio quality become a common language as soon as Alcons systems are switched on.”

13th April 2017

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