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Bandit Lites Sponsors RelayLIVE Fundraiser

Bandit Lites Sponsors RelayLIVE Fundraiser
Bandit Lites Sponsors RelayLIVE Fundraiser

USA – The American Cancer Society recently wrapped its second annual RelayLIVE event on 1st April, a music festival which advocates “fighting cancer at every stage.” Bandit Lites donated the lighting package at no cost for the outdoor fundraiser, which featured a performances by Arts Fishing Club, Mandy McMillan, Zack Dyer, Tony Winkler, Melissa Mickelson, Ali Morgan, Tyler Jordan and David Adam Byrnes.

Leading up to the event, participants and businesses formed teams which raised both money and awareness towards eliminating cancer. This year’s effort has raised 39,000 dollars and counting towards programmes for patients in Nashville including transportation to and from treatment, counselling, and the operation of Hope Lodge, a haven where patients can stay for free during the duration of their treatment.

Using the lighting plot from last year’s inaugural event, lighting designer Carter Fulghum adapted the design for the new location, paying special attention to fact there was no roof for this stage, saying: “We needed to find lights that could still do their job in the direct sun light.”

Fulghum utilised Bandit’s exclusive LED GRNLite Pars for side light on downstage right and left, and GRNLite Battens on the downstage edge for front up light with GRNLite Moving Washes downstage filling any visible holes. Tower trusses were outfitted with Bandit’s 5x5s, GRNLite Pars and SMG’s new G-Wash fixtures, filling the stage with a focal point and movement.

“Bandit’s GRNLite products were great for the daylight portions of the show,” said Fulghum. “They were bright enough that even with the sun shining on the stage you could still see them. The Matrix 5x5’s were also very bright and gave movement to the stage during the day with different chases. Actually, as the sun went down, we had to bring the levels down on the units to match and not over power the stage, and that is a good problem to have.”

In addition to the live concert, the free family-friendly event included a special closing ceremony that consisted of sending up luminaries in the sky “in memory or honour of loved ones who have been impacted by the disease.”

6th April 2017

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