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BSR E1.58: First Public Review

USA – The National Electrical Code (NFPA70) has a general requirement for all electrical equipment to be listed and used in accordance with its listing. This normally restricts or prohibits the outdoor use of equipment not identified for outdoor use, but, the Code contains an exception for Theatrical and Motion Picture Special Occupancies that permits this use provided the installation is supervised by qualified personnel. It offers no further guidance on this condition. The Electrical Power Working Group of ESTA's Technical Standards Program has written BSR E1.58 – 201X, Electrical Safety Standard for Portable Stage and Studio Equipment Used Outdoors, a new draft standard, in an effort to offer that guidance. It is being offered for public comment through 19th June 2017.

The purpose of the standard is to identify hazards associated with the outdoor use of portable stage and studio lighting equipment and portable power distribution equipment that is not identified (listed) for outdoor use, and to recommend practices for qualified personnel to mitigate such hazards at outdoor entertainment events and media production sites in the United States. Materially affected parties include entertainment technology industry manufacturers, end users, management, performers, and technicians who work outside. The draft standard, a public review form, and public review instructions are available to download from For more information, or to submit a review form, write to 

25th April 2017

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