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DiGiCo and the ultimate 'Stadius' Mic Pre-Amp

DiGiCo and the ultimate \'Stadius\' Mic Pre-Amp

Germany - Twenty years ago, converters changed from 16 or 18-bit to a new, improved resolution of 24-bit. This additional 8 bits of converter resolution was instantly audible and created a demand for 24-bit quality.

At Prolight+Sound 2017, DiGiCo is showing and, more importantly, allowing attendees the opportunity to hear a newly designed 32-bit 'John Stadius' mic pre-amp for the first time.

John and his team have been designing pre-amps for over 40 years. Now, this new improvement in converter technology has allowed them to develop a pre-amp with audio qualities that they have long aspired to achieve.

The specifications of the 32-bit SD mic pre-amp card include:

  •  Fully differential audio path from input to converter
  • Twin 32-bit ADC conversion per channel
  • Lightning quick conversion time: 73mS
  • Dynamic punch and increased audio depth: Dynamic range of 123dBA
  • Incredibly low noise: 128dB EIN
  • Transparency and clarity of audio: 20-22kHz <0.002% THD+N
  • Class leading frequency response: 20-44.5kHz ±0.1dB
  • Open and clear audio reproduction: 12dB harmonic weighting improvement
  • Eight channels of temporal perfection: 0 deg phase shift 20-22kHz
  • Dedicated analogue, ultra-low noise linear power supplies including +48V phantom power
  • Only one phantom power blocking capacitor in the audio path: Gold Nichicon “MUSE” acoustic series
  • Fully shielded analogue stage
  • Precision clipping with no artefacts
  • Reduced operating temperature (Sounds cooler)
  • Roadworthy metal XLR connectors

5th April 2017

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