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Large Elation refit at Fox Sports LA Studio includes ‘irreplaceable’ Fuze Wash Z120

Large Elation refit at Fox Sports LA Studio includes ‘irreplaceable’ Fuze Wash Z120
Large Elation refit at Fox Sports LA Studio includes ‘irreplaceable’ Fuze Wash Z120

USA - Fox Sports recently refitted Stage B at its Pico Studio in Los Angeles with nearly 100% Elation Professional products, an energy-efficient LED-based lighting system designed by award-winning Victor Fable with lighting supply by Kinetic Lighting. The new lighting system includes a host of Elation broadcast-optimised lights including one of Elation’s latest LED wash solutions, the Fuze Wash Z120, a PAR moving head with 120W RGBW COB LED engine.

The Fuze light plays an important role in the install and is a fixture that LD Victor Fable is especially happy with. “I had given up on finding a light that had the same characteristics as a VL5, which has been a cornerstone of countless shows,” he says. “That changed when I was introduced to the Fuze Wash Z120.”

On his search for a new colour-changing wash light with unique on-camera aesthetics yet one that was LED-based, Fable paid a visit to Elation’s demo room in LA to see what was on offer. “There were ten or so other products in the demo room and my eye went right for the Z120 and pretty much stayed there,” he said. “The Z120 fills all the roles for me that the VL5 would play even though it’s an LED fixture whereas the VL5 is an incandescent. After a couple of dozen music shows, a few talk shows and six months of daily work at Fox Sports Stage B, the Z120 has proven to be one irreplaceable tool.”

Just one fixture in Elation’s Fuze series of dynamic wash lights, the Fuze Wash Z120’s single source lens system emits an extremely homogenised beam and features a lens face that appears as one colour on camera, unique on the market. The non-pixel look face is something that LDs have been wanting for years. Other Elation lights employed at the broadcast centre include white light DW Fresnel and DW Profile luminaires, Colour 5 Profile LED ellipsoidal spots, TVL CYC RGBW cyclorama wall wash lights, TVL4000 LED array panels, Arena Par Zoom RGBW PAR wash lights, Colour Chorus series LED battens, and Satura Profile LED-based CMY moving heads with framing.

10th April 2017

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