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Small is beautiful: Alcons LR7 reinforces Theaterstübchen Kassel

Small is beautiful: Alcons LR7 reinforces Theaterstübchen Kassel

Germany – In the more than ten years of its existence, the "Theaterstübchen Kassel" has developed into one of the country's finest addresses for jazz music. In order to successfully develop the purely privately run house, renovations took place from 2012 onwards, during which a new public address system was installed. Operator Markus Knierim trusted the clear recommendation of sound engineer Rolf Dressler and chose a pro-ribbon sound solution from Alcons Audio.

Auditiv GmbH from Kassel installed two Alcons pro-ribbon LR7 (left/right) micro line-array in the 120 seats (about 300 without seats) large Theaterstübchen (“little theatre room”), supplemented by one Alcons BF151 single 15” per side as bass support. The system is operated by the Alcons ALC2 (two 1kW) amplified loudspeaker controller. This small system "is absolutely sufficient for 95% of the events in the room," as Rolf Dressler emphasises.

The Alcons LR7 is a passive two-way loudspeaker system, equipped with a four-inch pro-ribbon transducer. Although very small and only eight kilograms / 17.6lb in weight, the system captivates by the Alcons-typical intelligibility and outstanding impulse response. The natural clarity of the system makes it the first choice for jazz sound reinforcement.

As a freelance sound technician since 1986 on the road, Alcons has always been the system of choice for Dressler: "I've known Alcons since the first hour and to this day there is nothing better for me in the mid and high frequency range. Anyone who is looking for a system that reinforces 1:1 what comes in, inevitably lands at Alcons."

Dressler's preference is always Alcons, no matter what size. "There is nothing you cannot do with it. The really amazing thing about the LR7 is that it offers – despite the small size – plenty of headroom.” In addition to the LR7, Dressler also often uses the larger Alcons QR24 or QR36 line-source columns at other events. "Once a pro-ribbon, always a pro-ribbon," that's all there is to it for Rolf.

There is also nothing to complain about when it comes to reliability: "The system in the Theaterstübchen runs well over 200 days a year. In addition to the full live program, there is a disco every Friday and Saturday. In the three years that we are working with the LR7, there has been no single failure or any other problems."

Also convinced are the audience, the critics and not least the guest artists. "The opinion has always been that "one does not have to worry about the sound at Theaterstübchen", says the sound engineer of the house. "Bass legend Ron Carter, who has already enjoyed several gigs in the theatre, had so much joy in the sonic experience that, according to his manager, for the first time he played a much larger set than planned. Also the sound technicians of the artists always ask me, with which we produce this incredible sound. That’s the pro-ribbons of Alcons Audio, " laughs Dressler.

At the moment, the theatre is about to open up for pop concerts and has already welcomed bands like Molly Hatchet or the Berlin band MIA. Here, according to Dressler, one moves in the area of those 5% of the events, for which the current sound concept is not quite enough.

Whenever it is required, the existing Alcons system is therefore supplemented by Auditiv, with a double 18" subwoofer type BF362 mkII per side as well as two Alcons RR12 pro-ribbon point-source array per side. An Alcons Sentinel S10 (four 2.5kW) provides for the drive and control of the extended system.

Already in 2015, the Theaterstübchen received the Kassel Kulturpreis (Culture Award) for its "JazzFrühling" series of events, which will attract also this year enthusiastic jazz fans from all over the country with an exquisite programme. And again, no one will have to worry about the sound.

12th April 2017

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