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VL4000 BeamWash at RML

VL4000 BeamWash at RML

UK - Richard Martin Lighting (RML) has announced the addition of the Philips Vari-Lite VL4000 BeamWash to its hire stock.

The VL4000 BeamWash combines wash capabilities with beam functionality alongside the ability to produce a collimated shaft of light, allowing one unit to serve multiple uses without changing lenses or adding additional fixtures. The VL4000 BeamWash produces 43,000 lumens with a 1200W lamp in standard mode while the DMX selectable studio mode produces 35,000 lumens in near silence.

In wash mode the VL4000 BeamWash produces an even wash of intense light with variable hot spot and edge control. With a 10-60 degree range, the unit allows for a broad variety of usage. The indexable and rotating beam shaping allows the output to be altered from round to elliptical. With the addition of a DMX lighting console, the hot spot and edge of the wash output can be further adjusted.

With a simple adjustment in the DMX value, the VL4000 BeamWash shifts from a soft wash to a powerful beam with a 4-40 degree beam angle. With two seven position gobo wheels and a variable animation wheel, a huge number of images are at hand. The graphical abilities are further bolstered by a high speed mechanical iris and an independent five-facet rotating step prism.

The VL4000 BeamWash also includes a shaft mode which allows the unit to function as a powerful collimated ray of light. Employing the full force of its 43,000 lumens, a bright parallel shaft is created from the ten inch lens’s narrow output. With the mechanical iris, the four-degree beam angle can be additionally reduced to near zero degrees. All standard features such as gobos, animation wheel, prism and colour mixing are still fully functional in shaft mode.

Whatever mode the unit is used in, the VL4000 BeamWash includes the Infinity Color Mix system providing incredibly smooth colour changes and instantaneous snaps. The colour abilities are further added to by the two five position fixed colour wheels and variable colour correction. Smooth dimming flags are in the unit which can be combined with the independent shutter blades to deliver dimming and strobing abilities.

The VL4000 BeamWash is available for hire now.

11th April 2017

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